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Dr.been July 1, 2010 22:32

Plot pressure distribution on a section of 3d blade
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My wind turbine blade has spanwise direction in z ,chordwise in x ,thicknees of airfoil in y. After simulation, I use XY plot -> pressure -> static pressure, choose monitor at z= 30% span (which i has created already with Iso-surface) to show pressure distribution over airfoil at this section.The xy plot show as the attached picture below which is very confuse for me. What should I do? Any one can help me?

So, I really need your valuable guidelines!

Sincerely yours

jack1980 July 8, 2010 10:05

My guess is that you have now plotted all values on the iso-surface, whereas you are only interested at the values that are actually on the foil surface.

Perhaps you can instead create a clip surface, where you clip the foil surface from, say, 29.9 % to 30.1%. (Or maybe even 30% to 30% although I'm not sure this will work.)

Good luck!

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