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arapha February 20, 2011 13:21

Rotation Axis in Fluent

I created a 3D mesh in fluent, a duct that needs to be rotationally periodic to create a 360 degree passage (centrifugal compressor).
I found the rotation axis in Pointwise from point coordinates, and I entered those in the fluent cell zones, but I keep getting the errors '0 faces out of 9801 matched'. I know my mesh is correct because I've successfully made it periodic in fluent before (the mesh was just rotated and translated in space).
Does Fluent change the location of the mesh in Pointwise ? Can I find the rotation axis of my mesh directly in Fluent ? What else could be causing this error ? I am getting really desperate, any help very much appreciated... Thank you !!

Carlos Juárez February 21, 2011 19:22

you need enter on boundary conditions

In Fluent you need put the rotacional velocity in the boundary conditions

Define/Boundary Conditions/Fluid/Set/

On "Rotation-Axis Direction" put "1" on the axis wich corresponds the turn... if you turbomachinery turns in "X" put "1" in "X"

The axis direction respond with the "right hand law"

In motion type put "Moving Reference Frame"

On "Rotacional Velocity" put the rotational velocity...

arapha February 21, 2011 19:24

Thanks but my geometry isn't rotating, I'm just essentially modeling a pie-shaped wedge, which if repeated periodically should give me a 360 degree channel geometry (but the rotation speed is 0)

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