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beauty April 8, 2011 05:07

sampling interval and sampling frequency

I am solving a time-dependent problem using fluent. Fluent help says "You can set the Sampling Interval such that Data Sampling for Time Statistics can be performed at the specified frequency". However, I am puzzled by the relation between sampling interval and sampling frequency. I wonder whether the following equation is right.
sampling frequency=1\div(time step size\timessampling interval)

In addtion, how can I set an appropriate Sampling Interval, according to sampling frequency in the experiment?

Thanks for your help!


enayath November 3, 2014 16:26

Hello Beauty!

Did you find the answer of your question?

I have the same question and wondering if can provide me the answer.

Thank you,

LuckyTran November 5, 2014 23:07

There is no sampling frequency option. There is only a sampling interval.

Sampling Interval = 1 means sample every time-step
Sampling Interval = 2 means sample every other time-step

To achieve a certain sampling frequency (with units 1/s), you must choose the sampling interval and time-step size accordingly.

The relation between frequency, sampling interval, and time-step size given was correct.
frequency = 1/(step-size x sampling interval)

enayath November 6, 2014 11:09

Thank you LuckyTran!

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