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Mohsin September 19, 2011 21:05

Turbulence postprocessing

In fluent Post processessing, I need to show the turbulence inside the cylinder. How much is the turbulence in the domain?

There are 3 parameters to determine it:

1. Turbulence intensity
2. Turbulence Kinetic Energy
3. Turbulence disspation rate

The general discription of the afforementioned parameters is as follows: (Please correct me if I am wrong)

-->Turbulence intensity is the turbulence level. (what is the intensity of turbulence in the flow)
-->Turbulence Kinetic Energy determines the energy in the turbulence. (the mean kinetic energy per unit mass associated with eddies in turbulent flow).
-->Turbulence dissipation rate determines the scale of turbulence (With what rate turbulence is dissipated in the flow)

Looking at the above definitions, turbulence intensity seems to be a better option for post processing to determine the turbulence through out the domain. It can show the intensity of turbulence in the domain. In my case, the turbulence intensity contours value doesn't exceed 50 throughout the domain. Does it mean that there is very less turbulence in the domain?? Or can i use any other turbulence paramter to determine turbulence.

Your guidance will be really helpful.

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