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fshak92 December 17, 2012 20:58

3d Star CCM+ mesh to OpenFOAM 2d mesh
I'm trying to do a 2d simulation in OpenFOAM .
The geometry and meshing should be done in star ccm+ and then converted to OpenFOAM by ccm26ToFoam.
If i use 3d mesh in star ccm, then i cannot have just one cell in "Z" direction.Therefore it cannot be simulated 2d in OpenFOAM.

And if i convert the mesh in star ccm to 2d mesh, then it cannot be converted to OpenFOAM due to lack of any cell in "Z" direction.

I would appreciate if anyone has idea.

Thank you in advance.

wyldckat December 24, 2012 13:55

Greetings omid88,

Export as 3D and then do the same trick as already done with meshes that are generated with snappyHexMesh:

Originally Posted by

Best regards,

fshak92 January 12, 2013 12:39

Thank you for the reply.
Actually i solved the problem in another way,same as your suggestion.
I exported it in 2d format,and then used extrude2dMesh to make it acceptable for OpenFOAM.

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