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baco June 5, 2013 13:44

2D adaptive Mesh Refinement
Hello Foamers,

i am new here.

i am not sure if it is right posting my problem in this forum... i hope it is ok.
I did create an adaptive mesh using dynamicRefineFvMesh. I adapted the hexRef8 class for splitting cells in 2D. Now i started my solver and the cell refinement runs good (the mesh check is OK) and now the big BUT it comes ...
Always if the mesh changes the calculations will be solved in 3D, i.e. the vector of velocity is directed in the 3.dimension.
And now comes sth weird. If i stop the calculation and then i re-start it from the last timestep then the calculation is correctly calculated in 2D. What is the problem, i have absolutely no idea.

many thanks

nimasam June 7, 2013 03:11

:) dear buddy, maybe you want to share your code and one test case here, maybe we can help you to solve the problem :)

yhaomin2007 July 17, 2013 14:45


As far as I know, the cut engine hexRef8 is only capable to cut cell into 8 subcells, which means it is 3 dimensions. I have seen a paper talking about cut cells in to 2 subcells, I think you look it up here:

Another question is, what solver are u using? I am now trying to implement AMR into steady solver.But I met some problems.

pjohannes183 July 28, 2013 10:04

I'm also working on a 2D adaptive mesh refinement with a dynamicFvMesh. Does anybody have an idea whether it's good to start modifying the hexRef8 class, keeping its low-level style (which is really complicated) or if one could adapt hexRef8, keep using all its nice features and just plug in simpler mesh modification operations?

I successfully managed to do exactly the refinement I want using multiDirRefinement which gives me the type of meshes I want BUT It still lacks all the other capabilities which are needed for a dynamic mesh (like: field mapping, keeping track of the refinement history, allowing unrefinement etc.)

What I'd like to do is: take hexRef8 and rewrite it partially, using the code from multiDirRefinement, thus turning it into a hexRef4 or hexRef2.

Does anybody have a good idea how to start?

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