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r2d2 November 28, 2006 10:33

Hi, Is there a way of visual
Is there a way of visualising a set of faces? I have a large mesh generated with blockMesh but with quite a few non-orthogonal faces and I would like to locate them...before running the code and in the (potentially) subsquent trouble.
BTW, I think Ive seen this before, but can anyone tell me what the "severe non-orthogonality for face *** " means...just that the line that goes through the center of the cells is not perpendicular to the face that separates them...and should I be very concerned, or simply play with discretization and/or orthogonal correctors?
I say that, because I guess that if e.g. blockMeshDict has defined edges that belong to, say, 3 or 5 blocks a a time, then one will get these non-ortogonality situations.

r2d2 November 28, 2006 11:43

Never mind the first question.
Never mind the first question...after digging a bit I saw that one can vie that with foamToVTK -faceSets..and paraview...the second part, though...

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