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bigbang July 16, 2011 10:12

How do you define a cell zone or region for porous?
I've solved my a model of my car using simpleFoam (KERealizable) but now I want to include the effects of the radiator because it is a FIA GT style car.

I understand that there are some tutorials using the porous code.

I've concluded that you need to define a cellZone or region to specify as a porous medium. I'm totally freeware so I use blender and snappyHexMesh to create the mesh.

The radiator is rectangular at a slight angle (Y).

Thank you.

bigbang July 21, 2011 13:41

Ok I found the answer to my own question (in part):

1) Create your mesh with the volume in question (snappyHexMesh) and copy the final mesh in <case>/3 to <case>/constant. Delete <case>/1, <case>/2 and <case>/3.
2) run 'setSet' from your case directory and then at the prompt: 'cellSet <name> new boxToCell (minx miny minz) (maxx maxy maxz)' where min_ and max_ are the bounding values of your box.
3) run 'setsToZones'

And then you should have a cellZone created. You can verify this by looking for and reading the cellZones file in <case>/constant/polyMesh. It should list all the cells in your zone.

As far as creating a boxToCell at an angle to the coordinate system... I still have no idea, but luckily I found my car's radiator to be square :o

shipman November 16, 2014 10:51

Hi Alex,

Really nice info.


rafa13 March 25, 2015 12:51

Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot.

I was trying to define a porous zone on waves2foam and i used your description. The only thing that i did different was that i used topoSetDict an it works fine.


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