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raagh77 March 23, 2009 08:37

velocity vs time plot in paraFoam
Hello all,

I have a very basic question in using paraFoam ..

Anyone please tell me know how do I plot velocity as a function of time..

My simulation domain is 2D rectangular region (xmax = 0.2 and ymax = 0.6). I have velocities for every time T upto 500 seconds. I have to plot velocity vs time plot at a particular value of x and y (x = 0.05 and y = 0.25).

I was able to plot velocity vs x - coordinate (or y - coordinate ) for each time T (i.e. for constant T and varying X or Y coordinates) but I was not successful plotting velocity vs time T for constant X and Y coordinates (i.e. at fixed position but varying time T).

Awaiting for replies


raagh77 March 23, 2009 09:14

plot selection over time
I used plot selection over time in th filter menu ..but when I click apply nothing is displayed..

I think I have some problem in giving time data range


raagh77 March 29, 2009 14:08

credits goes to Alberto..
  • The first step is selecting the point in paraFoam, so after loading your case, do the following:
    • Show your case as usual, by clicking on "Apply" in the "Properties" tab.
    • Select the field you want to plot, for example the pressure "p", in the "Display" tab.
    • Now, go to the "View" menu, and choose "Selection inspector".
    • Click on "Create Selection".
    • In "Selection type", choose "Locations".
    • In "Field type", choose "POINT".
    • In the "Locations" table that appears, insert the coordinates of the point where you want to measure your data.
    • Now the selection is created.
  • The next step is to plotting the selection:
    • Go to the "Filters -> Data Analysis -> Plot selection over time" menu.
    • On the left on the screen, you will see a button "Copy Active Selection", push it.
    • Click on "Apply" above that button.
    • You should now see your data plotted against time.

nandiganavishal February 7, 2011 14:23

Dear Ragg,

I followed your procedure, and it was displaying the time plot, but along with the variable that I wanted it is also plotting the probe location and when I deselct the probe location using the display tab, I get the following error

ASSERT failure in QList<T>::operator[]: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 399

Further, I wanted to plot valocity so when I change from U_mag to U_x component I get the same error and paraview exits on its own..

Kindly let me know what could be the issue.


raagh77 February 8, 2011 02:52

Hi Vishal,

Initially even I struggled to plot flow variables vs Time..
Later with the perlscripts I was able to extract data and plot variables vs Time (Thanks to my supervisor who helped me in this)


nandiganavishal February 8, 2011 11:18

Dear Raghu,

Thanks for the reply. could you elaborate on the pearl scripts which you had mentioned.. Did you use paraview to view the time plots ??

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