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AlGates August 17, 2009 03:11

Adaptive refinement on multiphases
Hi all!

I'm trying to integrate the adaptive mesh refinement on the multiphaseInterFoam or the other way round.

I started from interDyMFoam and integrated the multiphaseMixture package to be able to set more than one phase, but somehow the refinement doesn't work properly. Some mesh grids seem not to be updated so the solver ends with a "mesh does not correspond to level 0" blablabla. This is a message sent by the GAMG solver and I'm trying to find out why the mesh isn't getting always correctly updated.

Maybe some of you has some experience with this problem and tried before to integrate one into the other.


PS: I also tried other solvers and then you don't get that exit message, but it doesn't work as well, because the values in a cell become absolutely nonsense (alphaAir > 1.5, etc.).

pici July 28, 2013 05:14

Hi Alex,
I'm working in a sloshing problem that involves 3 different fluids, so I need to integrate
interDyMFoam and multiphaseInterFoam ; my need is different by yours because I need to rigidly move all tank containing 3 (or more) fluid.
I know that I'm late of 4 years, but I hope that you solved your problem and you can give me some suggestion about integration.
Thank you very much

AlGates July 28, 2013 13:27

Ciao Piero,

unfortunately, I didn't use OpenFOAM since my diploma thesis four years ago and can hardly remember what I did in the end.

I know, that I never solved the problem with the adaptive refinement. I think, I finally did all of my simulation just based on the multiPhaseInterFoam solver, which I extended to

our needs.

So I cannot really help you.

Buona fortuna


aot August 13, 2013 09:17

Hi Alex, hi Piero,

just set cacheAgglomeration off in the GAMG-solver. Then it should work.


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