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ARTem March 16, 2011 05:18

fvc::div for surfaceVectorField
Greetings !

I want to calculate divergence of velocity.
Firstly, I have volVectorField U. After some manipulations with U, I obtain surfaceScalarField Usurface. Next, i try to calculate divergence: fvc::div(Usurface), but this action leads to unexpected result.
For example, when i compute div of mesh.Sf() (dimension [m^2]), i recieve volVectorField (dimension [m^-1]) instead of volScalarField (dimension [m^1]).
But computation grad of mag(mesg.Sf()) (surfaceScalarField, dimension [m^2]) leads to volVectorField with dimension [m^1]. This is right,

There are my questions:
-Why fvc::grad(surfaceScalarField) gives correct result, but fvc::div(surfaceVectorField) - incorrect? May be i make mistake in calculations?
-Can i calculate divergence of surfaceVectorField using fvc::div?

Thank you!
Best regards!

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