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jasonchen October 21, 2013 13:54

Turbulence dissipates too much energy for interFoam to simulate wave breaking
Hello everyone,

I'm using interFoam to simulate waves breaking on a sloping beach (two segments with slope 1:10 and 1:2). My problem is when the wave is about to break, the wave surface is not smooth anymore and small "ripples" seem to ride above the surface (refer to the 2nd link); and it's found that the final runup is not large enough when compared with expt data. This may be due to numerical errors, but I find most probably the turbulence model in openfoam dissipates too much energy and may cause the wave surface to deform in such a way. Does anybody encounter problems like this? I read on this forum that density missing in turbulenct transport equations may be responsible for such an issue. Any comments or suggestions on this? Thanks in advance.

The regular wave is generated using waves2Foam, and k-epsilon model is used as turbulence model. Mesh is refined uisng snappyHexMesh at swash zone and along the free surface area. Two plotts are given in the links below: one is for domain setup, another is a zoomup of free surface at swash zone when the wave is about to break.

Wave parameters: water depth=0.8m; wave period=1.0s; height=0.045m.
Inlet relaxation zone is adopted at wave generating boundary; surface elevation at the deep water is monitered and compare well with analytical solution.


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