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thibautsimon1 January 24, 2012 20:09

PotentialFoam Problems...
Hi all,
I'm doing a study on a submarine in deep water,
but I have a problem when I star with doing a potentialFoam -writep:
No valid model for viscous stress calculation.

From function forces::devRhoReff()
in file forces/forces.C at line 113.

FOAM exiting

Is someone have an idea of where it's coming from?

Thanks a lot!!

garrison April 17, 2012 07:35

Maybe it's too late for you..
.. it should because of the "force" function in your controlDict, it will use viscous stress to calculate the force..
so just commend it off when using potentialFoam..

rcastilla June 13, 2014 04:58

potentialFoam has an option -noFunctionObjects that overrides the function subdictionary of controlDict

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