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bastil December 16, 2007 08:53

Hi group, I would like to a
Hi group,

I would like to add some feedback from my experiences with OF tools in comparison to commercial tools concerning memory requirements:

I made a 45 Mio cells tetra mesh using STAR-CCM+ un a 16 GB Workstation and tried to convert it to FOAM using ccm26toFoam. This worked. However, checkMesh and polyDualMesh ran out of memory. Is there a rule of thumb for memory requirement for the OF tools?


fra76 December 17, 2007 04:43

It mainly depends on the appli
It mainly depends on the application...
I noticed that, for example, renumberMesh takes much more memory than checkMesh.
In any case you can reduce the memory requirements by using single precision tools, in case you run out of memory.


mattijs December 17, 2007 16:02

checkMesh constructs all possi
checkMesh constructs all possible addressing (have a look at primitiveMesh) which is very expensive. Most solvers (and probably ccm26ToFoam) will only use a small subset of addressing (no edge or point addressing) so are much cheaper.

Tobias Adam March 26, 2014 09:35

Hello everyone,
really old thread, but I think it fits to the topic :-)
I made a funny experience with the memory requirement of polyDualMesh.
When I ran this utility without any options chosen like e.g. -overwrite it ran out of memory.
But when I use the option doNotPreserveFaceZones it works!

Best reagards

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