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titio July 13, 2009 07:51

Disapointment with FoamX removal
Hi Foamers,

Although OpenFoam is an excellent CFD tool, I am very disapointed by a recent move made by the releasers of this excellent software. In particular, the decision to remove the FoamX from the new version is awkward. I may agree that most of the users do not like to use, but, for new users, and even for experience users, FoamX was helpfull in presenting all the available option for discretization and interpolation schemes, methods for solving linear solvers system, among other things that unfortunately are very well described in the solver.

I know that the forum surely helps, as the information in the source files. But, sometimes this will look like a wild goose chase. For a begginner, FoamX was a least more friendly than the comand line.

So, I believe remove FoamX was a bad move to promove OpenFoam and its penetration in the market. Now, the main factor promoting OpenFoam is the price of Fluent.... Also, I believe that this move that limits the capacities of most users to faster develop its code.



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