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karam November 6, 2009 21:50

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Hi Foamers~

I want to simulate coal combustion simulation in a furnace.

So, I decided to use coalChemistryFoam.
Before I simulate real furnace, I tested some cases.
coalChemistryFoam tutorial just contains closed chamber case.

My combustion furnace has 1 inlet & 1 outlet. (Simple geometry - cylinder)
I made furnace mesh file by star-CD ver.4

There are 2-type of mesh.
1. tetrahedral ~ 30,000 cells
2. polyhedral ~ 10,000 cells

However, OpenFOAM(coalChemistryFoam) does not work for this mesh!!
(I mean "janaf-thermo error")

checkMesh utility says "mesh is ok"

my boundary conditions like this ( Attachment )

For Hexahedral mesh, coalChemistryFoam is always OK.........

HOW CAN I USE coalChemistryFoam in tetrahedral or polyhedral mesh......

kalle November 6, 2009 23:48

I've never used coalChemistryFoam, but you should maybe have a look at your pressure boundary conditions. Typically you can start with putting a fixed pressure at the outlet and zero gradient on walls and inlets.


dimensions      [1 -1 -2 0 0 0 0];

internalField  uniform 100000;


        type            zeroGradient;
        type            zeroGradient;
        type            fixedValue;
        value          uniform 100000;

Your velocity data file is named 'Untitled', usually you would name it 'U'

Good luck,

yingkun June 13, 2011 22:59

I am using coalChemistryFoam too,and I have two inlets/one outlet,and I met the problem of "attempt to use janafThermo<equationOfState> out of temperature range...",have you ever encounter with it?

schmidt_d December 4, 2012 09:58

Usually, this error occurs when low temperatures (below room temperature) occur in the solver. The solver can't look up properties and throws an error.

amin_jalalian July 17, 2016 11:02

Injection In coalChemistryFoam
Hi Foamers
I am working with coalChemistryFoam with an IFRF furnace with 2 inlet and 1 outlet. I disabled limestonParcels because I dont have it in my case. In "coalCloud1Properties" in folder "constant" which is main file in adjustment of coal injection, I chose patchFlowRateInjection for injectionModels, but I didn't find any tutorial that use this injectionModel. In this model we have some cases:
type patchFlowRateInjection;
massTotal 10;//added
parcelBasisType number;//mass;
SOI 0;//added
patchName in_1;
duration 100; // NOTE: set to 1 for steady state
concentration 0.0005077;//0.08198;;0.01
parcelConcentration 1e3;
Is this cases sufficient for patchFlowRateInjection?
Why particles didn't come in?
Cloud: coalCloud1
Current number of parcels = 0
Current mass in system = 0
Linear momentum = (0 0 0)
|Linear momentum| = 0
Linear kinetic energy = 0
number of parcels added = 0
mass introduced = 0
JANAFTHERMO errors without entering any particle occurs,why? I have changed kinetic, deltaT but yet there is janafThermo error and no entrance of particles. :confused:

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