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nakul December 7, 2010 14:54

A New Solver for Supersonic Combustion
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I have modifed the rhoCentralFOAM solver for viscous supersonic flows to incorporate combustion and mixing. This solver is capable of simulating supersonic combustion. The combustion code has been taken from reactingFOAM. I have named it "rhoCentralSpeciesFOAM".

I have done a test case simulation with this and it works. But there are still few issues with the solver. The solver is not very stable. It is still quite sensitive to test case setup. Although the solver works but the results are not very accurate with increase in the complexity of chemical reactions.

I request the OF community to have look at this solver. Any suggestions regarding any modifications are highly appreciated. Steps needed to integerate it with your OF have been specified in the following post.


nakul December 7, 2010 15:05

Instructions to compile the solver
1) OF-1.7x should be used because the thermodynamics is based upon sensible enthalpy. This change has been introduced in OF-1.7x only. Hence the solver won't work on any previous versions.

2) Firstly copy the rhoCentralFOAM solver from "$OpenFOAM/applications/" folder to some other location within the OF folder,

3) Delete the "Make" folder and all other header and C- files that are there. Don't delete the BCs folder.

4) Copy the files from this solver into your folder and rename the folder to "rhoCentralSpeciesFoam".

5) Run the wmake command and the solver would compile. If you face any errors, just let me know.


arvind_arya December 8, 2010 19:11

Hi Nakul,

Can you post the case you have simulated.!!!!!


JLight December 10, 2010 08:58

Hi Nakul
Have worked on something similar with sonicFoam ... if anyone is interested I will upload it. Still in the process of validating the results.

As Arvind indicated it will be great if you can post your results so I can compare it with mine.


arvind_arya December 11, 2010 00:15

Hi Nishit,
I would like to have a look on your solver as well as your case file.....Kindly upload them.!!

Lella October 18, 2013 07:10

Have you validated it?

JosueMG March 30, 2014 03:00

Hi JLight,
I would be interested in giving a try at your solver - sonicFoam + chemistry
can you upload it? have you validated it yet? I want to simulate detonations with detailed chemistry

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