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Nico October 12, 2006 11:26

export to Paraview own solver
What format should i use to export to Paraview? I am developing my own solver and i am looking for the best format to use. Paraview has native VTK files, but i could also use Ensight or others. What would be the best choice?



Renato. October 12, 2006 11:44

Re: export to Paraview own solver
In my opinion, Ensight's format is the easiest to understand, implement and use (even for parallel post-processing). I've put some ParaView stuffs, including the Fortran routines I use to export Ensight's file, available in



zxaar October 12, 2006 17:22

Re: export to Paraview own solver
Where can we find the details of Ensights format, could you provide some links. My solver exports in fieldview, i wish to add more exports to it.

Renato. October 12, 2006 18:59

Re: export to Paraview own solver
I included the Ensight's format description in the file. Take a look ;o)



zxaar October 12, 2006 20:16

Re: export to Paraview own solver
obrigado pela sua ajuda.

phsieh2005 October 13, 2006 21:08

Re: export to Paraview own solver
Hi Renato,

I would like to export elmer data to VTK format so that I can use paraview to view the results. I have no idea of VTK format. Do you have any fortran code to show how to export data to VTK format? Thanks!


Nico October 19, 2006 13:10

Re: export to Paraview own solver
Any ideas why this is not working?, the ascii version is working fine, but when i try binary its crashing paraview.

Regards, Nicolas

integer::vac (1:nct,0:8) Character*80 :: buffer integer::i,j real*4,dimension(:),allocatable :: xv,yv,zv allocate(xv(1:nvt),yv(1:nvt),zv(1:nvt) )

!---Write geometry file. engold.geo



buffer='Fortran Binary'; Write(1) buffer;

buffer='Exported from Solver'; Write(1) buffer;

buffer='Nicolas ROUSSELON 2006'; Write(1) buffer;

buffer='node id assign';Write(1) buffer;

buffer='element id assign'; Write(1) buffer;

buffer='part'; Write(1) buffer; i=1; Write(1) i;

buffer='fluid'; Write(1) buffer;

buffer='coordinates'; Write(1) buffer;


Write(1) nvt;

Write(1) (xv(i), i=1,nvt)

Write(1) (yv(i), i=1,nvt)

Write(1) (zv(i), i=1,nvt)


buffer='hexa8';Write(1) buffer;

Write(1) nct;

Do j=1,nct

Write(1) (vac(j,i),i=1,vac(j,0)),8

EndDo close(1)

Bart Paarhuis January 17, 2013 14:51

Hi Renato,

I compiled and ran your testprogram 'fortran_ensight_test' using CVF on Windows XP. But paraview crashes reading the binary files. I tried all available numeric formats for unformatted data (compiler option). But it won't help.

What compiler/system combination did you use?



Bart Paarhuis January 17, 2013 16:12

After a lot of trial and error, I finally got the ensight binary files to work with the CVF compiler: :):):)
- open(...,form='binary',convert='BIG_ENDIAN') for the geometry and result files instead of open(...,form='unformatted')
- and using 'C Binary' instead of 'Fortran Binary' as the first line in the geometry file

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