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Michal Marcinkowski January 7, 2001 08:12

Forces ?
Hello !

I am working with my M.Sc. thesis on subject on using Phoenics for symulation of air flow around the ship's superstructure /taking under consideration prediction of forces on it/ - is it possible to integrate automatically pressures on some shapes /if not – what's the most efficient way to get the forces/ ? - what's the relationship between the linear under-relaxation factor and DTFALS values ? / I found some simple equations for estimation of residence time but they results are different from values, wichs seems very „accurate", used in library cases – e.g. T405 – DTFALS for U1 and V1 = 5.862e-2 / - is there any of free mesh-generators which work with Phoenics without any additional interfaces ?

Thak you very much and the best wishes for the new millenium /whole :) /


P.S. Thanks for John Ludwig for previous help – dziekuje .

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