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Jey March 7, 2010 09:53

Turbulence residuals

I am running a simple analysis on a flow over a race car.
This is just a preliminary analysis and hence I am using the standard ke turbulence model with default CD ADAPCO parameters.

All my residuals look OK except for Tdr (Turb. Dissipation rate) and Tke (Turb. Kinetic Energy) residuals.

The Tdr and Tke are of 10e-2 order.

Should we be worried about this?
If so, how can we reduce the Tdr and Tke residuals ?

Any advice is much appreciated. Advance Thanks,

Maddin March 12, 2010 09:41

Look for the monitor. The residuals are normalized.

Vinicius March 17, 2010 10:31

You donīt need to worry about that. These residuals are normalized, so you need to monitor another variables such as pressure, drag force, mass flows... When they stabilize your simulation is converged.

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