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malfonso1286 August 11, 2011 18:06

Simulating a Vacuum Pump
I would like to simulate the flow in a chamber that is being pumped on by a scroll pump. The pressure inside the chamber is supposed to stay a constant 0.3 atm, the gas that is sucked out by the pump is being replace through inlets. Currently I am using stagnation inlets set to -0.7 atm and a pressure outlet set to -0.9999 atm (reference pressure 1 atm). Is this the most correct way to do this simulation?

ping August 15, 2011 01:04

several suggestions:
- since the pressures everywhere are going to be around .3atm absolute, set the reference pressure to that value - will aid convergence
- then outlet will be 0atm relative to your new reference pressure (assuming this is what you really want)
- not sure about your stag.inlet since you need to know the stagnation conditions - you might not have compressible flow, so it is easier, otherwise need total pressure, total temperature - see Help topic Modeling Physics > Setting Up Physics > Setting Types > Boundary Types Reference > Stagnation Inlet

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