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robyTKD February 8, 2013 05:52

SU2 Residuals

I am not able to understand how residuals are calculated.
Are they the sum of all residuals in each cell or the maximum value in the computational domain?
And also, are values saved in the history.csv the log10 of the ratio Res/Res_ref, where Res_ref is a reference value, or simply the log10 of the residuals?

Thank you,

fpalacios February 15, 2013 21:03

The residual is the L-2 norm of the residual in the entire domain, and then we compute the log10.

My recommendation is to use tecplot (it is possible to obtain an evaluation copy), the paraview output is unsupported.


robyTKD February 17, 2013 13:44

Thank you Francisco for the reply.


malik March 15, 2013 08:19

SU2 residuals

I am running Inviscid ONERA M6 mesh using the SU2 code. I have run it but it stops after 193 iterations, iwant to increase the number of iterations to to 1500 so plz can you tell what i have to change in cfg file.

Thanks in advance


samiam1000 March 15, 2013 08:36

Hi Malik,

this is the entry to change the max number of iterations

% Number of total iterations
EXT_ITER= 99999999999

Nevertheless, if it exits after 193 steps it is probably due to a convergence criteria.

Please, post your config file.

malik March 15, 2013 17:56

SU2 residuals
Hi samiam,
there is no error, i need to change convergence criteria


robyTKD June 17, 2013 07:51


I have other questions regarding residuals.

1. Where can I find the strings of the code where residuals are computed?
2. Is it possible to save residuals in the output file? I need to know at least the infinite-norm of residuals.
3. When running SU2_CFD, it prints "Maximum residual: -3.8985e+00, located at point 49659."; I think it is the maximum Res(rho) in the domain, is it right?


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