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Job Record #11991
TitleThin film flows of complex fluids in micro-fluidic applications
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerUniversity of Patra
LocationGreece, Patra
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateFriday, September 12, 2014
Film flows occur over a wide range of length and time scales and are central to
numerous applications in engineering, physics & biomechanics. Flows over
variable topography often lead to undesirable variations of film thickness or
technologically important pattern formation. Often the flowing material is a
polymer solution, but such studies are limited. In microelectronic applications,
polymer solutions are used for coating substrates with micro-topography. Hence
the developing film may not wet the trench or retain a uniform concentration,
effects which dramatically decrease the product quality, but are not understood.
In microfluidics, it is of interest to reduce drag by fabricating walls with
periodic trenches of a few tenths of μm in dimension, inside which air is
entrapped, and liquid cannot penetrate - super-hydrophobic surfaces. Trench
geometry, flow direction, liquid-solid affinity, etc. play a crucial role in the
development and maintenance of gas inclusions. 

This project aims at understanding the following:
1.	Transient coating of patterned substrates allowing for air encapsulation in
two and three dimensions
2.	Stability of Newtonian or viscoelastic film flowing over patterned substrates
with or without air inclusions between them
3.	Stress-induced migration of polymer chains in solution in steady film flow
over topography

Skills and experience that will be considered positively include:
1.	Knowledge of Fluid Mechanics and Rheology.
2.	Programming in C#, C++, FORTRAN and code parallelization.
3.	Ability to work independently and as a team member.

The selected researcher will receive financial support commensurate with his/her
experience and skills, but will be no less than 2200 Euro.

The deadline to accept applications has been extended to Sep. 12, 2014!

All interested for the position should submit the following (In case they have
not done so already):
1. Detailed CV
2. Copies of previous degrees
3. Copies of scientific publications in Journals or presentations in Conferences
4. Names of 3 people that could provide reference letters 
5. Their skype address for direct communication and possible interview. 

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #11991 when responding to this ad.
NameJohn Tsamopoulos
Email ApplicationYes
Address1 Caratheodory Street
Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics @ Rheology,
Dep. Chemical Engineering
University of Patra
Greece, 26500
Record Data:
Last Modified08:33:24, Saturday, August 30, 2014

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