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May, 2002
  • ACOMEN 2002 - 2nd Int'l Conference on Advanced Computational Methods in Engineering
    Conference, Belgium, May 28, 2002

    A forum for engineers and applied mathematicians, dealing with advanced numerical strategies, computational methods and simulation in various engineering disciplines.

  • Internal Aerodynamics in Solid Rocket Propulsion
    Course, von Karman Institute, Belgium, May 27, 2002

    A review of various scientific and industrial aspects of solid rocket propulsion and recent advances in internal aerodynamics for tactical rockets and large boosters for launch vehicles.

  • STAR-CD User Subroutine Training
    Course, Nuremberg, Germany, May 27, 2002

    The course is aimed at giving the User an understanding of how to set up a model containing user subroutines in STAR-CD and PROSTAR.

  • Complimentary Marine Workshop
    Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, May 24, 2002

    This event provides a discussion forum for CFD applications within the Marine Industry. Both experienced CFD engineers and newcomers alike are welcome. Presentations will be made by experienced clients of both the STAR-CD and COMET CFD codes.

  • Introduction to CFX-BladeGen
    Online Event, May 23, 2002

    An online demonstration of blade design and blade screening software, CFX-BladeGen.

  • 2nd QNET-CFD Workshop on Quality & Trust in the Industrial Applications of CFD
    Workshop, Hotel Continental-Park, Lucerne, Switzerland, May 23, 2002

    An ideal opportunity to discover more about QNET-CFD and recent advances on Quality & Trust in the Industrial Applications of CFD.

  • Complimentary Chemical Process Workshop
    Workshop, hp, Manchester, United Kingdom, May 21, 2002

    The ability to analyse multiphase flows is of great interest and importance to the Chemical and Process Industries (CPI), since most of their flow processes involve multiphase such as spray dryers, cyclone separators, bubble columns, mixing vessels.

  • CFD Powertrain Applications
    Workshop, sgi, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 17, 2002

    Attending this workshop will enable you to acquire a better understanding of how CFD is incorporated in the design cycle of engine parts (manifolds, exhausts, cooling jackets etc.) and more importantly how you can optimise your product design process.

  • STAR-CD Chemical Workshop
    Seminar, Paris, France, May 16, 2002

    Learn how to use STAR-CD for chemical reactions. Includes an introduction to the STAR-CD/CHEMKIN interface.

  • CFX-5 Live!
    Online Event, May 16, 2002

    A live web-based demonstration of CFX-5.

  • AFM 2002 - 4th Int'l Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics
    Conference, Ghent, Belgium, May 15, 2002

    A forum for the interchange of new ideas and the presentation of the latest work in the field of fluid mechanics.

  • CFDRC User Conference 2002
    User Conference, Marriott Hotel, Huntsville, United States, May 14, 2002

    Covering the major areas of use for CFDRC products: Semiconductor, Fuel Cell/Automotive, MEMS, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Multidisciplinary Modeling.

  • CFD Multiphase Flows
    Workshop, Oslo, Norway, May 13, 2002

    This workshop will present applications from the above examples and will enable you to acquire a better understanding of how such problems arise and more importantly how they can be resolved using CFD.

  • CMEM 2003 - 11th Int'l Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements
    Conference, Halkidiki, Greece, May 12, 2002

    These successful meetings provide a unique forum for the review of the latest work on the interaction between computational methods and experimental measurements.

  • Application of Flow Modeling for the Oil & Gas Industry
    Seminar, Holiday Inn Astrodome 8111 Kirby Drive, Houston, United States, May 9, 2002

    Learn how you can revolutionize your design process with Fluent's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

  • CFX-5 Test Drive!
    Workshop, Pittsburgh, United States, May 6, 2002

    A free half-day workshop providing a hands-on introduction to using CFX-5.

  • North American STAR-CD User Conference 2002
    User Conference, Atheneum Hotel & Conference Center, Detroit, United States, May 6, 2002

    Meet fellow STAR-CD users and learn about the latest developments. using STAR-CD.

  • CFDRC Advanced User Training - Biotechnology
    Course, 215 Wynn Drive, Huntsville, United States, May 6, 2002

    Hands-on training course for CFD-ACE+ users. Course covers biotechnology-specific problems and solutions using the software. This course is recommended for existing users to learn how to get more out of their software.

  • CFX North American Users Conference 2002
    User Conference, Sheraton Hotel Station Square, Pittsburgh, United States, May 6, 2002

    Meet other CFX users and learn about the latest developments.

  • Next Generation CFD, CD-adapco Group
    Seminar, adapco Seattle, 3150 Richards Road #105, Bellevue, United States, May 3, 2002

    The CD adapco Group is hosting a 1 day seminar on "Next Generation CFD". Keynote speaker will be Prof Milovan Peric.

April, 2002
March, 2002
  • Introduction to Turbulence Modeling
    Course, von Karman Institute, Belgium, March 18, 2002

    An introduction to the fundamental physical principles of turbulence and of its modeling. Inclues a critical survey of the models currently available.

  • SAE 2002 World Congress
    Conference, Cobo Center, Detroit, United States, March 4, 2002

    The largest automotive conference in the world


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