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PLM Road Map 2007
PLM Road Map 2007 is a strategic conference focused on the critical tradeoffs that shape product development.
Date: September 19, 2007 - September 20, 2007
Location: The Inn at St. John's, Plymouth, Michigan, United States
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Contact Email:
Organizer: CPD Associates
Type of Event: Conference, International

At PLM Road Map 2007 join Donald H. Brown, leading industry
analysts from CPDA, key industry players, and front-line
implementation experts as they discuss their experiences in
addressing strategic PLM topics. Find out about their
successes in making technology work by linking it across the
whole product lifecycle, the obstacles they encountered on
the way, and how they developed strategies to overcome them.
represents a strategic conference focused on the critical
trade-offs that shape product development. At PLM Road Map
2007, find out first hand which issues are currently
confronting end users. Presentations will cover
collaboration across the enterprise, knowledge capture and
reuse, the business benefits of PLM integration, PLM
interoperability, the tradeoffs of open CAD and tight
integration, product development platforms to meet the needs
of commonality and variety, up-front simulation, up-front
manufacturing process constraints, SOA reuse of software
modules as web services, the business benefits of PLM, and
more.  Join the CPDA team at The Inn at St. John's,
Plymouth, MI on September 19 & 20 to find out how PLM can
deliver immediate results to your bottom line.
Event record first posted on February 1, 2007, last modified on February 3, 2007

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