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Engineering Simulation Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry > Separation and Sloshing
Offshore oil and gas platforms not only have to provide the facility for extracting natural oil and gas from below the seabed but also to separate the products from impurities and sea-water prior to transport back to onshore refineries. Gravity separators are widely used offshore and it has always been important to achieve maximum separation efficiency using the smallest separator possible.
Date: July 6, 2012
Contact Email:
Organizer: UK Marketing Team
Application Areas: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
Type of Event: Online Event, Local

Date: Friday 6 July 2012
Time:  2.00pm UK time / 3.00pm CET time
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Webinar


   The Challenges of Modelling Offshore Gravity Separators


     > Outline the principles of operation and how CAE can
       be used to model these devices
     > Modelling methodologies     
     > Model the effects of vessel motion 
Event record first posted on March 23, 2012, last modified on March 23, 2012

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