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International summer school on design and optimization using Computer Aided Engineering tools for external aerodynamics problem
The main aim of the school is to develop an appropriate methodology for the design and the optimization in external aerodynamics problems in green-power engineering.
Date: September 11, 2012 - September 14, 2012
Location: Via R. Sanzio, 4, Segrate (Milan), Italy
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: CILEA
Application Areas: General CFD, Wind Turbines
Special Fields: Grid Generation, Aerodynamics, Design
Softwares: STAR-CD, Gridgen, STAR CCM+, Pointwise
Deadlines: September 7, 2012 (registration)
Type of Event: Course, International

Thanks to the enormous developments of computational 
sciences, a computer aided engineering workflow seems 
to be a possible elective environment where to perform the 
study of external aerodynamic problems. Today a large part 
of the technological requirements needed to tackle these 
problems in a computational environment are already 
available in open source or commercial software. 
Nevertheless, success still strongly depends on technical 
knowledge and practice. 

The main aim of the school is to develop an appropriate 
methodology for the design and the optimization in external 
aerodynamics problems in green-power engineering.

This four days school, focused on the technical aspects 
involved by wind turbine design and structured as an 
extended hands-on tutorial, is intended to walk the 
attendants through a complete analysis of a sample external 
aerodynamics application,design and optimization of a wind 
turbine blade, providing technical insights on each phase 
of the workflow.
The main expected benefits for the course attendant are:
enlarge their knowledge on state of art methods;
apply best practices on state-of-the-art software usage;
experience technical tips-and-tricks throughout the 
different phases of the tutorial sessions;
learn from case history and practical applications told by 

The course will therefore facilitate and speed-up in silico 
external aerodynamics research and Computational Fluid 
Dynamics driven green-power engineering. 

The summer school is aimed to junior and senior engineers, 
scientists and PhD or postdoctoral students in the area of 
CAE engineering. 

The course will be held at CILEA a TOP500 ranked computing 
center located in Segrate (Milan, Italy). The center will 
offer advanced facilities in terms of hardware and software. 
The participants will be trained on desktop machines but 
High Performance Computing facilities will also be shown and 
introduced through lectures and their benefits to CAE 
product development will be discussed.

Computational Tools
Xfoil (open-source)
Vsaero (Analytical Methods Inc.)
Modelcenter (Phoenix Integration Inc. )
Pointwise (Pointwise Inc.)
Starccm+ or other (CD-Adapco Inc.)

Course Material
The course subscription is comprehensive of:
Technical documentation
Trial licenses (1 month of every sw used in the tutorials)
Test cases, examples and benchmarks 

Course Schedule
The course is made of lectures (about 30%) and tutorial 
sessions (about 70%) according to this scheduling:
9.30-13.00 (one coffee break)
14.30-18.00 (one coffee break)
The lunch break is included in the school subscription.

Rates and Number of participants
The course rates are as follow:
600 Euros academic or non-profit attendant;
800 Euros industrial or private attendant.
Please note that travel costs and accommodation are not 
included in the fee. 
A supplementary fee of 150 Euros will be applied for school 
subscription after July 13, 2012.
The maximum number of participants is set to twenty and a 
minimum number of participants is also required to activate 
the school. The school activation will be given by July 20th 
2012 from the school secretariat.

A. Porto, Porto Ricerca s.r.l
M. Fontana, Porto Ricerca s.r.l
R. Ponzini, CILEA
S. Bartesaghi, Politecnico di Milano

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