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Metals and Alloys Webinar on Modelling: State of the Art in Casting and Forging Simulation
Starts at 12:30 BST Once only accessible at the high-end of manufacturing, modelling and simulation is now widely embraced by the industry as a result of increased processor speeds, the accessibility and usability of software and the reliability and robustness of the models and codes which underpin it.
Date: June 14, 2012
Contact Email:
Organizer: EnginSoft
Type of Event: Online Event, International

Modelling has the capability to allow insights into 
materials at a range of length scales and under a range of 
conditions which aren't always feasible or accessible 
through experimental routes, reducing the need for time 
consuming or expensive experimental trials and improving 
the certainty of predicted performance.


The webinar will be delivered by Nicola Gramegna of 
EnginSoft and will cover the following topics:

o State of the art and advanced application of forging 
modelling (Federico Fracasso)

o State of the art and advanced application of casting 
modelling: the product-process design chain approach 
(Giampietro Scarpa)

o The NADIA EU research project: from proposal to winning 
project (Nicola Gramegna)

EnginSoft are a leading company in advanced modelling of 
materials and have a wide range of expertise working at the 
forefront of computational simulation for the metals and 
alloys sector, including participating in and leading a 
number of EU collaborative projects. 

-Who should attend?

This webinar will be of interest to any engineers or 
researchers in the metals and alloys industry wishing to 
improve their awareness of the latest technical advances in 
modelling for casting and forging, or strategists wishing 
to learn about how to build a successful collaboration in 
advanced modelling of materials.
Event record first posted on May 22, 2012, last modified on June 10, 2012

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