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NUMECA User Meeting 2007
Join us for two days of user presentations from all over the world, product seminars, technical discussions and keynote sessions. The topics of the meeting will include the most exciting new developments in the NUMECA product- line.
Date: November 6, 2007 - November 7, 2007
Location: Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Web Page:
Contact Email:;
Organizer: NUMECA International
Softwares: FINE/Turbo, FINE/Hexa, FINE/Design3D, FINE/Marine, AutoGrid, Hexpress, IGG
Deadlines: October 10, 2007 (registration)
Type of Event: User Conference, International

NUMECA has the pleasure of inviting you to join the NUMECA 
User Meeting 2007 to be held at the Sheraton Brussels 
Hotel, Place Rogier 3, Brussels 1210, Belgium, on 6-7 
November 2007. 

Join us for two days of user presentations, product 
seminars, technical discussions and keynote sessions. The 
topics of the meeting will include the most exciting new 
developments in the NUMECA product-line, including: 

- FINE/Turbo 8.2 with unique and efficient management of 
CFD analysis of multistage turbomachinery by seamless 
transfer to and from embedded stages, advanced rotor-stator 
interaction, extension of Non-Linear Harmonic approach to a 
wider range of applications, 

- AutoGrid 5.8 with fast and high quality meshing for 
complex multistage turbomachinery and cooling system, 
cascade configuration, new advanced topology for radial 
machine, wind turbine and propeller, 

- HEXPRESS 2.4 with fast boundary conditions treatment by 
user-defined patch grouping, better mesh optimization, fast 
conversion from AutoGrid to Hexpress, full compatibility of 
AutoGrid and Hexpress meshes for rotating machinery 

- FINE/Design3D 3.2 with more efficient optimization 
process using Design of Experiments approaches, 

- AutoBlade 3.2 with non-axisymmetric endwall, user-defined 
functions for parametric dependency, scaling capability, 
user-controlled geometry ruling, generalized blade cut-off, 

- FINE/Hexa 2.4 with the introduction of advanced 
combustion capabilities, large scale conjugate heat 
transfer, the use of ANSYS solid mesh for CHT simulation, 
efficient turbomachinery applications, 

- FINE/Marine 1.1, the newest NUMECA product: high fidelity 
and automated CFD simulation for Naval Architecture with 
advanced numerical schemes for accurate and sharp wave 

- CFView 8.2 with improved unsteady flow analysis, more 
efficient memory management, partial loading of variables, 
freed memory during unsteady flow post-processing, - 


NUMECA FREE WORKSHOP, Brussels, Belgium, 8-9 November 2007 

Seats are limited. Early registration is required 

NUMECA International is offering User-Meeting attendees a 
hands-on experience on the latest versions of FINE/Turbo, 
AutoGrid, HEXPRESS, FINE/Hexa, FINE/Marine, AutoBlade and 
FINE/Design3D. Discover how these advanced systems reduce 
your engineering time and cost while improving product 
quality. This advanced training session program will last 
two days on November 8 and 9 and is organized for users who 
have already experienced the basics of NUMECA software. 


1. ANNE LAURENT,  Tel: +32 2 642 28 00, 

2. AJI PURWANTO, Tel: +32 2 642 28 28, 

Event record first posted on August 28, 2007, last modified on August 29, 2007

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