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NSEC8 - Navier-Stokes Equations and Related Topics
The conference is focused on mathematical problems arising in the theory of viscous fluids.
Date: September 11, 2002 - September 18, 2002
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Organizer: Russian Academy of Science
Special Fields: Non-Newtonian Flows, Numerical Methods, Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
Deadlines: March 1, 2002 (abstract)
Type of Event: Conference, International


The Conference is focused on mathematical problems arising in the theory of viscous fluids such as existence and uniqueness of solutions, differentiability properties of solutions, long-time behavior and applications of the above topics to the analysis of contemporary problems in fluid mechanics.


Papers are solicited in all research areas related to mathematical problems in the theory of viscous fluids, including, but not limited to:

  1. Compressible and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
    • Mathematical analysis of NS equations in bounded and unbounded domains
    • Existence and regularity of solutions
    • Stability and long time behavior of solutions, asymptotical analysis
    • Properties of solutions in domains with nonsmooth boundaries
    • Insviscid fluids
  2. Mathematical modeling of fluids with complex rheology
    • Models of non-Newtonian fluids
    • Visco-plastic and visco-elastic fluids
    • Fluids with complex rheology (electorheological fluids, magnetorheological fluids, etc.)
  3. Mathematical aspects of computational analysis
    • Approximation methods for compressible and incompressible viscous flows
    • Convergence of finite element, finite volume, finite difference, and spectral methods
    • A priori and a posteriori estimates of the accuracy of approximations.
Event record first posted on April 9, 2002, last modified on April 9, 2002

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