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CFD in MATLAB - 2-Day course on QuickerSim CFD Toolbox
The course will be focused on efficient solving of CFD problems (including nonlinear material models, heat transfer, applications to teaching etc.) using a free of charge QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB. Tips & Tricks and many examples will be given.
Date: January 20, 2016 - January 21, 2016
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: QuickerSim Ltd.
Special Fields: Heat Transfer, Finite Element Methods, Porous Media, Non-Newtonian Flows, Incompressible Flows, Numerical Methods, Multiphysics, Fluid Mechancis
Softwares: Matlab
Type of Event: Course, International

QuickerSim CFD Toolbox is a completely free Toolbox for
solving CFD problems in MATLAB.

In current version it is best suited for:
- any 2D geometry,
- laminar flows with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian models,
- convective heat transfer.

It enables you extreme flexibility due to easy
implementation with a couple of Matlab functions.

The course will focus on:
1. Introduction to CFD equations and FE discretization.
2. Data structures and functions in the CFD Toolbox.
3. Pre-processing and mesh preparation (gmsh training).
4. Coding your general use Navier-Stokes solver in 20 lines
of code.
5. Post-processing in Matlab® and gmsh.
6. Advanced extending and customizing CFD Toolbox functions.
7. Going beyond standard features: Straigthforward
implementation of nonlinear material models and heat
transfer equations.
8. Solving participant specific problems, support and
workshops suited to your needs.

Later, you are awarded 4 hours of our support, development
or implementation work that we can do for you without paying
anything more. We solve your problems.
Event record first posted on November 16, 2015, last modified on November 18, 2015

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