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Fundamentals of Fluid Systems
The object of this course is to provide an understanding of fluid systems made up of components such as pumps, compressors, turbines, heat exchangers, piping, and valves.
Date: October 9, 2002 - October 11, 2002
Location: Concepts NREC, Wilder, Vermont, United States
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Organizer: Concepts NREC
Application Areas: Turbomachinery, Piping, Pumps and Fans
Type of Event: Course, International

Fundamentals of Fluid Systems

The object of this course is to provide an understanding of fluid systems made up of components such as pumps, compressors, turbines, heat exchangers, piping, and valves. The subject matter is applicable to all fluid systems including air conditioners, hydraulic transmissions, pumping systems, refrigeration systems and chillers, ventilation and air management, as well as power systems such as gas turbine engines, turbochargers, hybrid engines, and fuel cells.

The emphasis is on understanding the specifications and flow characteristics of various fluid system components, and the parameters used for this purpose; and on how fluid systems made up of assemblies of different components are designed and their performance characteristics predicted.

Participants are expected to have some grounding in basic fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, but these will be covered as an introduction to the course itself.

Course Outline
  • Review of Thermodynamic Principles
    • Solids, liquids and vapors
    • Two-phase mixtures, superheating and subcooling
    • Perfect, semiperfect, and real gas models
    • Enthalpy and entropy
    • First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Review of Fluid Dynamic Principles
    • Conservation of mass
    • Bernoulli's equation
    • Euler equation
    • Euler-n equation
    • Flow development: laminar, transitional and turbulent flow
    • Acceleration and diffusion of fluids
    • Head and head loss
    • Fluid friction and other sources of loss
  • Scaling and Similitude
    • Dimensional analysis
    • Principles of scaling
    • Affinity rules
    • Fan rules
    • Propeller rules
    • Reynolds number effects
    • Worked examples
  • Pumps and pumping systems
    • Pump types
    • Major losses: flow path and parasitic
    • Pump characteristics; performance maps
    • Specific speed, cavitation and NPSH
    • Pump system matching
  • Analysis of pipe systems
    • Pipe and component characteristics
    • Analysing simple systems: elements in series and parallel
    • Complex systems: matrix methods of analysis
  • Fans and ventilation systems
    • Fan types
    • Fan characteristics
    • Ventilation system matching
  • Principles of power systems
    • Examples: gas turbine, turbocharged IC engine, fuel cell
    • Matching: mass, energy, and pressure balances
    • Hybrid engine systems
  • Overview and discussion

Dr. David Japikse
Dr. David Japikse founded Concepts ETI in 1980 and guided the company as president until 2000 when he led the acquisition of NREC's consulting and engineering software business. He currently serves as Concepts NREC's chairman of the board. He has been responsible for design, consulting and research activities in all types of turbomachinery, and has developed a number of innovative design techniques. He has also published extensively, and teaches regularly to engineers. Dr. Japikse has received many awards for his outstanding achievements, including the James Harry Potter Gold Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for "?innovative, pioneering contributions in the field of thermodynamics as applied to turbomachinery design." He is a Fellow in the ASME and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Nicholas C. Baines
Dr. Nicholas C. Baines is Director of Education and Publication Services at Concepts NREC. He has 25 years of experience working with turbomachinery, including 10 years as a faculty member of Imperial College, London. Dr. Baines regularly teaches Concepts NREC courses, and has contributed to developments in axial and radial turbine technology. He is the author of many papers and three books on turbomachinery. He has been awarded three prizes by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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