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Workshop on LES for Acoustics
A forum for people working with LES and aero-acoustics
Date: October 7, 2002 - October 8, 2002
Location: DLR, Germany
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Special Fields: Turbulence - LES Methods, Aeroacoustics & Noise
Deadlines: May 17, 2002 (abstract)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

Spectacular improvements in noise prediction have been achieved, due to the progress in numerical simulation methods and computer technology. Even modern workstations or PC-clusters have sufficient capacity to perform direct numerical simulations (DNS) and Large-Eddy simulations (LES). Nowadays, these techniques are not restricted to fluid dynamics any more.

Especially LES has become a highly accurate tool for the calculation of sound generation and propagation in flows. Several approaches have been developed, where LES is used directly for noise generation studies or in combination with other aeroacoustic tools for noise propagation studies (e.g. hybrid CFD/CAA methods).

It is the objective of the jointly organized workshop to focus on CAA methods and simulations, where LES data has been used and evaluated. New developments or ideas are welcome as well. Acoustics specialists and LES experts should find a forum to discuss their problems and find possible solutions by launching new collaborations.

Event record first posted on April 17, 2002, last modified on April 17, 2002

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