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Building Better Products with CFD
4th International ASME/JSME/KSME Symposium on Computational Technology (CFD) for Fluid/Thermal/Chemical/Stress Systems and Industrial Applications
Date: August 4, 2002 - August 8, 2002
Location: Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
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Organizer: ASME
Application Areas: General CFD
Type of Event: Conference, International

Industrial application of Computational Fluid Dynamics ("building better products with CFD") requires the solution of complex fluid-flow problems in conjunction with equipment design, process and product development. For the successful solution of these problems, a high degree of coordination between industrial CFD engineers, software developers, consultants and academic scientists is necessary.
This symposium, to be held for the second time, addresses these issues by focussing on computational modeling of industrially relevant fluid flows in interaction with participating media (solid confinements, porous structures, dispersed phases, plasmas, etc.) and physical/chemical phenomena (diffusion transport, thermal stress, flow induced vibrations, electromagnetic transport, heat generation & dissipation, electrophoresis, phase change, combustion, CVD, chemical reactions, etc.).

Participation from the industry is key to our success and especially encouraged and nourished!

Symposium History
The Symposium was held for the first time July 1998 in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the 1998 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Division Conference. The Symposium consisted of 16 Sessions, during which 66 contributed and 6 keynote papers were presented by authors from industry, academia, CFD consultants and software vendors, representing 20 different countries. Papers were published in two separate volumes (ASME PVP-Vol. 377-1 and 377-2). Volumes 377-1 and 377-2 can be ordered from the ASME Catalog. For the second time it was held on August 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts. Symposium materials were published in two ASME volumes  PVP-397-1 and PVP-397-2 and Symposium consisted of 20 Sessions representing authors from 22 countries. In Boston (99) Symposium organizers have received a best Session Award (see left column). For the third time it was held in Atlanta, Georgia. It consisted of sixty six presentations and 16 sessions. Symposium materials were published in two ASME volumes PVP-424-1, PVP-424-2.

Specific topics may include (but are not limited to):
* Building better products with CFD 
* Use of CFD in hardware design, process optimization and product development applications in industry;
* Modeling of fluid-solid interactions via conjugate heat transfer, thermal stress or load coupling;
* Integration of complex physical/chemical models into CFD codes and modeling of fluid-media interactions;
* Large-scale numerical studies with industrial applications;
* CFD code interfaces (code-to-code, grid-to-grid, flow to stress, etc.) and integrated code development;
* Object oriented CFD code architecture and CFD command languages
* Grid generators and Preprocessors;
* Novel "fast" solvers, models and techniques, codes and algorithms, numerical accuracy analysis;
* CFD implementation for model based control;
* Design applications using new computational & experimental techniques;
* Experimental studies related to equipment design and code verification:
* Flow Visualization and Thermal/Chemical Species "Mapping" addressing single and multiphase, 
   laminar and turbulent flows, free surface flows, flows with phase transition, 
   molecular flow, plasma flow etc.

Applications may stem from, amongst others:

* chemical process industry         * automotive & aerospace industry  * manufacturing industry
* energy conversion & combustion * micro-electronics industry           * biological & environmental studies 
* nuclear industry                          * pharmaceutical & medical industry

Keynote lectures
During the 1998 Symposium in San Diego, Profs. Brian Spalding (CHAM) and David Gosman (Star-CD) and Drs. Anantha Krishnan (CFDRC) and George Bache (AEA/CFX) presented keynote lectures on novel developments in fluid-structure, fluid-thermal and fluid-chemistry coupling. Profs. S. Maruyama (Tohoku University) and Y. Matsumoto (The University of Tokyo) presented keynote talks on CFD in interaction with radiation heat transfer, and on CFD of bubbly two-phase flows. In Boston Dr. Ashok Singhal, Dr. Akshai Runchal, Prof. Alexandre Ern, Dr. Ellen Meeks, Prof. Keisuke Sawada, Prof. Isao Kataoka persented their keynote lectures. 

For the fourth Symposium, invitation will be extended to prominent CFD experts from various branches of industry and academia, to present keynote lectures on the application of process and structure integrated CFD in industrial design and optimization problems.

Tutorials & Software Demonstrations
One day and 1/2 half day tutorials are being planned and CFD software demonstrations will be organized at the Conference. Please contact the corresponding organizers with proposals.

Dates and Location
The Symposium will be held in conjunction with the ASME/JSME/KSME Pressure Vessels and Piping Division Conference, Aug 4-8, 2002, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.

Papers and Publication
Contributed papers will be accepted based on submitted abstracts and peer-review of full papers. Accepted full papers will be published in ASME Conference Proceedings bound volumes, which will be available at the Conference. Outstanding papers will be recommended for publication in the ASME Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology. In principle, all accepted papers will be invited for oral presentation at the Symposium. Submission of student papers is strongly encouraged, and excellent student papers will be proposed for PVP Division Best Student Paper Awards.

Event record first posted on April 20, 2002, last modified on April 20, 2002

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