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Short-term training on Fire Modeling
The course has the following aims: (1) To give a broad introduction to fire safety science. (2) To develop an understanding of the role of mathematical modeling in fire safety science. (3) To provide an introduction to the principles of heat transfer and fluid dynamics. (4) To introduce the concepts of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). (5) To familiarize attendees with computational software used in fire modeling.
Date: July 4, 2019 - July 5, 2019
Location: IIT Roorkee Campus Noida, Greater Noida, UP, India
Contact Email:
Organizer: IIT Roorkee
Application Areas: Fire and Safety
Special Fields: Combustion
Deadlines: June 15, 2019 (registration)
Type of Event: Course, International

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of the short course, those participating 
-   be familiar with the concept of Fire science.
- should be able to apply general combustion and engineering 
principles to fires.
-  be familiar with basic assumptions in Fire dynamics and      
CFD modeling  using FDS.
-  have an understanding of the capabilities and limitations 
of modelling software packages for  modeling fire
- be able to select and use the most appropriate 
mathematical software and demonstrate their use in fire 
-   be able to interpret model predictions.

Main Activities:
Forenoon session will be dedicated for theory and afternoon 
will be reserved for hands-on practice on selected problems. 
Concepts and techniques will be introduced and demonstrated 
in the course. Those attending will gain experience in using 
the methods via theory and practical sessions using 
numerical tools like FDS and PyroSim. 


Please email your request to the above address. We will send 
you the registration form along with other necessary 
Event record first posted on April 22, 2019, last modified on April 26, 2019

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