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21st Applied Aerodynamics Conference
Covering most areas of applied aerodynamics, with an emphasize on aerospace applications
Date: June 23, 2003 - June 26, 2003
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: AIAA
Application Areas: Turbomachinery, Aerospace
Special Fields: Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechancis
Deadlines: October 18, 2002 (abstract)
Type of Event: Conference, International

The Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee solicits papers in diverse areas of applied aerodynamics to include, but not limited to:
  • Aerodynamic design methodologies and studies
  • Aerodynamics-structural dynamics interaction
  • Airfoil/wing/configuration aerodynamics
  • Application of artificial intelligence techniques to aerodynamic problems
  • Applied computational aerodynamics with validation
  • Flow control applications for aerospace vehicles
  • High angle of attack and high lift aerodynamics
  • Icing effects on vehicle aerodynamics
  • Innovative aerodynamic concepts/designs
  • Innovative approaches to applied aerodynamics education
  • Low speed, low Reynolds Number aerodynamics
  • Missile/projectile/guided-munition aerodynamics
  • Propeller/rotorcraft aerodynamics
  • Statistical design-of-experiment methods for applied aerodynamics
  • Transonic, supersonic, hypersonic aerodynamics
  • Uninhabited aerial vehicle aerodynamics
  • Unsteady aerodynamics
  • Vortical/vortex flow applications
  • VSTOL/STOL aerodynamics
  • Weapons-carriage and store-separation aerodynamics
  • Wind tunnel and flight-testing aerodynamics
Papers in other areas of applied aerodynamics are also welcome.
Event record first posted on June 11, 2002, last modified on June 11, 2002

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