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CFX for Free Surface Flows
Join us at 2 pm EDT on September 24 for a Web-Based Seminar on the ability of CFX-5 to provide accurate CFD analysis of free surface flows.
Date: September 25, 2002
Contact Email:
Organizer: CFX
Special Fields: Free-Surface & Sub-Surface Flows
Softwares: CFX
Type of Event: Online Event, National

Accurate computational simulation of free-surface flows requires CFD software that captures the sharp interface between two phases. CFX-5 provides these capabilities and meets the challenge with unmatched performance, efficiency, and precision. Using its Eulerian-Eulerian model, CFX-5's robust coupled multigrid solver delivers technology that performs faster than anything previously available. Paired with CFX-5's parallel computing capabilities, the result is a quick turn around with accurate results.

Join us for this free, online session to learn more about CFX-5's free surface models. We will discuss key features of the technology such as the unique discretization scheme. We will also review current examples which display the outstanding performance and precision of CFX-5's free surface models.

Sorry, due to audio limitations this event is available toll-free only in North America. You will require both an active internet connection and a telephone to receive full benefit.

Event record first posted on July 24, 2002, last modified on September 2, 2002

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