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Industrial Turbulent Flows: CFD Simulation and Validation
NAFEMS CFD seminar on the industrial validation of CFD simulations.
Date: February 6, 2003
Location: IMechE, 1 Birdcage Walk, London, United Kingdom
Contact Email:
Organizer: NAFEMS CFD Working Group
Deadlines: February 1, 2003 (registration)
Type of Event: Seminar, International

Do you trust the results of your CFD analysis? How do you justify that trust to your boss or customers? These are the questions addressed by the next NAFEMS CFD seminar “Industrial Turbulent Flows: CFD Simulation and Validation”

Simulation validation may be defined as: ‘the process of determining the degree to which a model is an accurate representation of the real world, from the perspective of the intended uses of the model.’ But how do you know if your simulation is accurate? Simulations of turbulent flows in particular can be difficult to validate.

Come to this seminar and learn why validation is necessary, how to validate a CFD simulation and how to incorporate validation practices into day-to-day industrial simulations.

The aims of the seminar are to demonstrate the effective use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in understanding industrial turbulent flows and its use as a tool for solving flow related problems and improving designs. This will be achieved by the presentation of case study style papers that illustrate the simulation of turbulent industrial flows and their validation with appropriate data from a range of industrial applications. While it should be understood that it is not practical to validate every CFD analysis, it is generally accepted that some form of validation is required for each flow or product type simulated. This is an ideal opportunity for exchange of experiences and networking with users across a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

Who Should Attend:

Industrial CFD users,
Companies and managers who use CFD consultancy,
Anyone considering using CFD (either in-house or through consultancy),
Anyone who requests CFD simulations, uses the results from CFD or is involved in test work which is used for CFD validation,
Anyone who would like to gain insight into the industrial use of CFD.

The seminar is intended to be of use to people with and without CFD experience and the emphasis will be on the use of CFD within industry.

Event record first posted on December 18, 2002, last modified on December 22, 2002

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