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Chicago Workshop on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Methods
The aim of the Chicago Workshop is to bring together theorists and practitioners involved in the development and application of structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) methods.
Date: September 3, 2003 - September 5, 2003
Location: Kersten Physics Teaching Center, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: The ASCI/Alliances Flash Centerfor Astrophysical Thermonuclear FlashesUniversity of Chicago
Application Areas: Astrophysics
Special Fields: Theoretical Fluid Dynamics, Adaptivity
Deadlines: July 7, 2003 (abstract), August 13, 2003 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

Workshop topics will include AMR theory, applications, numerical methods, and software development from the perspective of academics, national lab scientists, and reasearchers in industry. The performance of several AMR implementations on a suite of benchmark fluid flow problems will be compared in a special session.

The objectives of the workshop are

  • to improve the general understanding of the application of AMR to practical problems;
  • to provide a forum for interaction between AMR application areas, including astrophysics, geophysics, climate modeling, aerospace, and semiconductor device modeling
  • to identify issues critical to efficient and effective implementation on high performance computers;
  • to stimulate the development of a community repository containing tools for structured AMR, beginning with benchmark problems to assist in the evaluation of algorithms and software and compiler technologies.
  • Tim Barth (NASA Ames)
  • John Bell (LBNL)
  • Phil Colella (LBNL)
  • Rosa Donat (U. Valencia Spain)
  • Sam A. E. G. Falle(U. Leeds UK)
  • Bill Henshaw (LLNL)
  • Louis Howell (LLNL)
  • Konstantinos Kifonidis (MPA Germany)
  • Nikos Nikiforakis (DAMPT Cambridge UK)
  • Ken Powell (U. Michigan)
  • James Quirk (LANL)

We invite submissions for contributed papers (to be presented at the workshop and included in the proceedings), posters, and results for the benchmark problems. To register, enter a submission, and find more information, please visit our website at


Gabrielle Allen, David Brown, Phil Colella, Rosa Donat, Sam Falle, Sandip Ghosal, Rich Hornung, David Keyes, Alexei Khokhlov, Randy LeVeque, Rainald Loehner, Ewald Mueller, Nikolaos Nikiforakis, Mike Norman, Manish Parashar


Timur Linde, Tomek Plewa, Bob Rosner, Andrew Siegel, Greg Weirs.


Carrie Eder
Chicago AMR Workshop
The ASCI Flash Center www:
The University of Chicago email:
5640 S. Ellis, RI 468 ph: +1-773-834-2057
Chicago, IL 60637, USA fax: +1-773-834-3230
Event record first posted on February 15, 2003, last modified on February 17, 2003

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