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High-resolution schemes for convection-dominated flows: 30 years of FCT
A forum for discussion of recent progress made in the development of high-resolution schemes with flux limiters
Date: September 29, 2003 - September 30, 2003
Location: University of Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: FEATFLOW group
Application Areas: General CFD
Special Fields: Aerodynamics, Incompressible Flows, Compressible Flows, Numerical Methods
Softwares: FEATFLOW
Deadlines: July 31, 2003 (abstract), July 31, 2003 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

Organizing committee:

Dmitri Kuzmin     University of Dortmund, Germany
Rainald Loehner   George Mason University, USA
Stefan Turek      University of Dortmund, Germany

Background and scope:

Convection-dominated flows are notoriously difficult to
treat numerically. Solutions produced by standard
discretization techniques are corrupted by nonphysical
oscillations and/or excessive numerical diffusion. The first
high-resolution scheme to overcome these shortcomings was
the now classical Flux-Corrected-Transport (FCT) algorithm
introduced 30 years ago by Boris and Book. Their pioneering
idea of blending high- and low-order discretizations has
paved the way for the development of a whole range of
high-resolution schemes which use flux/slope limiters to
prevent the formation of wiggles in the vicinity of shocks
and discontinuities while retaining the high accuracy of
approximation in regions where the solution is sufficiently
smooth. The aim of this 2-day workshop is to discuss the
progress made in the numerical simulation of
convection-dominated flows during the three decades elapsed
since the birth of FCT. Scientists from around the globe are
encouraged to present their results regarding recent trends
and developments in this challenging research field. 
The tentative list of speakers includes leading experts
(D.L. Book, R. Loehner, S. Zalesak) who have laid the
foundations of the FCT methodology and demonstrated its
potential in a variety of spectacular CFD simulations.


Registration form will be available shortly at the homepage
of the Workshop. Please submit your contribution online or
send the title and abstract of your talk by e-mail to
Event record first posted on March 14, 2003, last modified on March 14, 2003

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