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ICFD Workshop on the Use of CFD Packages - Opportunities and Challenges
The workshop will contribute to cross-fertilisation between application areas. Packages developed for one application may well contribute to others.
Date: April 15, 2003
Location: Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Organizer: ICFD
Application Areas: General CFD
Deadlines: April 11, 2003 (abstract), April 11, 2003 (registration)
Type of Event: Seminar, National

The use of CFD packages is widespread as a cost-effective way to solve practical problems. One issue to be discussed is to what extent existing packages cover new fluid flow applications; such as those arising in rheology, flows in the earth's interior or biomedical applications as well as macroscopic models such as models of traffic flow. Another issue is to what extent new requirements can be best met by extending existing packages; and to what extent they are best met by developing software specific to individual problems.

Many industries have come to rely on in-house codes that are showing their age. Economics prevents the scrapping of these codes. They have the characteristic of enshrining old methods in a relatively fixed resource. The issue is whether more cost effective enhancements in performance could be obtained by switching to a packaged solution.

The meeting will also contribute to cross-fertilisation between application areas. Packages developed for one application may well contribute to others

The workshop will take place at Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford, starting at 10.00 am with coffee.

Invited Speakers will include:

Terry Davies (Met Office)
Flexible modelling environments for NWP and climate modelling.

Dennis Doorly (Imperial)
Application of CFD packages to biomedical modelling.

Alistair Fitt (Southampton)
A user perspective on CFD packages.

Ed Fontes & Jerome Long (COMSOL Ltd)
Modelling transport phenomena using an equation-based approach.

David Hargreaves & Russell King (Fluent UK)
Bridging the gap between academic and commercial CFD codes.

Ian Jones (AEA Technology)
Novel applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Fred Mendonca (STAR-CD)
Noise source prediction and propagation with advanced turbulence modelling and coupling tools.

Alina Hale (Reading)
Computationally modelling lava domes using FASTFLO.

Gareth Shaw (Schlumberger)
Linear solver techniques within reservoir simulation.

Event record first posted on April 8, 2003, last modified on April 8, 2003

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