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Gridgen Glyph Training Seminar
This training course will focus on Gridgen Glyph.
Date: January 8, 2006
Location: Reno Hilton, Reno, Nevada, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Pointwise, Inc.
Special Fields: Grid Generation
Softwares: Gridgen
Type of Event: Course, International

This training course will be composed of both lecture and 
hands-on sessions. A notebook containing the lectures 
notes and tutorials will be provided to each attendee. 

Training will start with an overview of Tcl, the basis of 
the Glyph scripting language. Tcl syntax will be described 
in detail, as will control structures, procedures (user 
defined functions), lists/arrays, error handling, and 
other useful features. In-class examples and hands-on 
exercises will be used to highlight important details. 
Although designed for introductory scriptwriters, more 
seasoned Glyph users will learn more about the details of 
Tcl and get a useful review of Tcl basics. 

The training seminar will continue with a session on the 
application of Tcl to Glyph scriptwriting.  There will be 
an overview of the most useful Glyph commands, and several 
examples of scripts analyzed in detail. Scripts for 
initializing Gridgen default settings and user preferences 
and for automating grid project start-up will also be 

The early afternoon session will cover the latest 
developments and features in Gridgen.  The final session 
of the day reviews Tk, Tcl's graphical toolkit for 
creating user interfaces.  The commands needed to create 
GUI panels and to make those panels functional will be 
demonstrated, emphasizing examples directly applicable for 
use with Gridgen. Attendees will get to try their hand at 
creating panels with in-class tutorials.
Event record first posted on September 30, 2005, last modified on October 1, 2005

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