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Free OpenFOAM Training and Workshop
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia and Wikki Ltd. announce a 3-day OpenFOAM Training and Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia 26-28/January/2006.
Date: January 26, 2006 - January 28, 2006
Location: FSB Zagreb, Ivana Lucica 5, Zagreb, Croatia
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: FSB Zagreb and Wikki Ltd.
Application Areas: General CFD
Special Fields: Finite Volume Methods
Softwares: OpenFOAM
Type of Event: Workshop, International

The idea of the workshop is to encourage the spread of OpenFOAM in the CFD community by helping the new users and developers to understand the layout, design and capabilities of the library. The Workshop will consist of two parts:

Software and architecture overview.

Here, a guided tour of the OpenFOAM library and various top-level executables will be given, including overall design and some implementation details. The objective is to help the audience with their use of OpenFOAM and development work through better understanding of the library, tools and their capabilities. This will be followed by some OpenFOAM tutorials with the help of expert users. The training sessions will be given by dr. Hrvoje Jasak, one of the original OpenFOAM developers.

Examples of Application.

In the second part, a number of speakers will presents their experience with OpenFOAM and results of past and present projects. The idea of this session is not only to illustrate the capabilities but also encourage exchange of information between OpenFOAM developers in various research and industrial institutions.

Training and Workshop are targeted to University and industrial researchers, users and developers who wish to use, extend and adapt OpenFOAM for their use, as well as further develop its capabilities. In both roles, an insight into the code organisation, philosophy and standard coding practices is extremely valuable.

The host in Zagreb has kindly provided the facilities for the workshop (conference room + tea/coffee). In order to keep the cost down and attract the largest possible audience, no attendance fees will be charged. Please consider organising your own travel plans and if you wish to participate in tutorial sessions, please bring your own computer.

For further information and registration of interest, please contact: or check the news section at the Foam CFD web site.

Event record first posted on November 6, 2005, last modified on February 7, 2006

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