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Fluent France Forum
The 12nd edition of the Fluent Forum France was held on October 13, 2005 to "le tapis rouge" in Paris. More than 300 participants answered our invitation, instituting this day like event CFD of the year: industrialists and academics, partners, press and association could contribute to exchanges on the evolutions of the engineering of virtual calculation.
Date: October 13, 2005
Location: "le Tapis Rouge", PARIS, France
Web Page:
Organizer: Fluent France
Softwares: FLUENT, GAMBIT, FIDAP, POLYFLOW, Icepak, FloWizard
Type of Event: User Conference, National

The richness of this day results:

·	many interventions of Industrialists and Academics 
(Air Liquide Research & Development, Arkema, CNES, 
Modelys, Politecnico di Torino, Schneider Electric, Suez 
Environnement, Visteon,…) 
·	about fifteen posters, putting forward Fluent 
simulations (Areva T&D, Retec, Sirehna, Sofrance, UTC, 
Univ. Franche Comté, l'EGIM, LUSAC…) 
·	Presentations of our experts (pre-processing, 
methods of optimization, simulation of the non stationary 
flows, calculation of free face, assessment of population 
in the dispersed systems...)
·	our technological developments: the nearest 
arrival of our technological developments: the  arrival 
from FLUENT 6.3, TGrid 4.0, GAMBIT 2.3, FloWizard 2.0 tool 
of "Rapid Flow Modeling" and "FLUENT for CATIA" presented 
jointly with Dassault Systèmes Director R&D of CATIA 
·	Our "Forum" could not exist without the 
participation of our partners. Nearly 20 partners Hardware 
and Software (Abaqus, Advantage CFD, AMD, Dassault 
Systems, Dataram, Distene, Engineous software, Fujitsu, 
HP, IBM, Imagine, LMS, NEC, SGI, Sirehna, United Devices), 
the press (Cad-magazine, Harvest and the New Factory) and 
Micado association, met to form an exceptional gallery.
Event record first posted on November 22, 2005, last modified on November 26, 2005

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