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► 23 New/Updated CFD Jobs Since Last Week
  19 Feb, 2017 

The following new or updated CFD jobs have been posted in the  

CFD Jobs Database since last week (Sun, Feb 12, 2017):

#14117: Real Jobs, Real Income, Real Company
oj company, Contract Work
United States, CA, Oakland

#14116: PhD position in computational biofluid dynamics
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, PhD Studentship
Israel, Haifa

#14115: Postdoc Fellow in experimental fluid dynamics
Beijing CSRC, PostDoc Position
China, Beijing

#14114: Post-doctoral Researcher
MAE Department, The Ohio State University, Job in Academia
United States, Ohio, Columbus

#14113: Combustion Modelling for Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion
RMIT University, PhD Studentship
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

#14112: PhD contract on Fluid Mechanics (3)
University Rovira i Virgili, Dept. Mech. Engineering, ECoMMFiT, Job in Academia
Spain, Tarragona

#14111: PhD contract on Fluid Mechanics (2)
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Dept. Mech. Engineering, ECoMMFiT, Job in Academia
Spain, Tarragona

#14110: PhD contract on Fluid Mechanics (1)
University Rovira i Virgili, Dept. Mech. Engineering, ECoMMFiT, Job in Academia
Spain, Tarragona

#14109: CFD of Core Noise Reduction in Jet Engines
Queen’s University Belfast, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Belfast

#14108: CFD and Experiment of PV/T/Heat Pump Systems
Queen’s University Belfast, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Belfast

#14107: ACOUTECT: Prediction environmental noise through building skins
Eindhoven University of Technology, PhD Studentship
Netherlands, Eindhoven

#14106: ACOUTECT: Room acoustic modelling of open plan spaces
Eindhoven University of Technology, PhD Studentship
Netherlands, Eindhoven

#14105: Openfoam Tecnician
Reyman, Job in Industry
Spain, Galicia, A coruña

#14104: High Performance Computing Faculty
University of Pittsburgh, Job in Academia
United States, PA, Pittsburgh

#14103: CFD 主任工程师
ENVISION, Job in Industry
China, , Shanghai

#14102: PhD studentship: adaptive high order Navier-Stokes
University of Ottawa, PhD Studentship
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

#14101: Biomedical Researcher
king Saud University - Biomedical Technology Department, Job in Academia
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

#14100: Lead Software Developer
ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd., Job in Industry
India, Maharashtra, Pune

#14099: Software Developer II
ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd., Job in Industry
India, Maharashtra, Pune

#14098: Senior Software Developer
ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd., Job in Industry
India, Maharashtra, Pune

#14042: 2 PhD positions in Computational Fluid Dynamics
INSA Rouen, PhD Studentship
France, Rouen

#13979: Lattice Boltzmann CFD Engineer
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13751: CFD/ FEA Engineer
Medical Device, Contract Work

To learn more about these jobs please visit the CFD Jobs Database at

► SoftInWay and OPEN MIND Technologies Offer Total Turbomachinery Solution
  16 Feb, 2017 

Wessling (Germany), February 2017 – SoftInWay Inc. and OPEN MIND Technologies AG announce a cooperation agreement to provide a complete solution for the design, development and manufacturing of gas turbine components and other types of turbomachinery. Both companies are known for their best-in-class software platforms that provide component developers the needed productivity tools to accelerate the product development and production process while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

The AxSTREAM® Software Platform provides an integrated and streamlined approach to turbomachinery design. The software consists of a number of different modules to perform preliminary design, meanline and streamline analysis, CFD and FEA, blade profiling, and rotor dynamics, bearings analysis, and rotor design for compressors, pumps and turbines. These tools are used to produce optimal components, considering speed, power, range, and life. The interactive and user-friendly design process enables these conditions to be achieved efficiently and reliably.

hyperMILL® is a modular complete CAM solution for 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, HSC/HPC, and mill-turning processes as well as its special applications and highly efficient automation solutions. The CAM software provides technology-leading geometry analysis and tool path calculations. There are specialized routines designed for efficient programming and machining of these components on 5-axis milling or mill-turn machines. The multi-blade and single-blade turbomachinery solutions are embedded within hyperMILL® that is applied to more broad-based milling, drilling and turning applications, allowing an all-in-one CAM system for turbomachinery developers. Robust CNC postprocessors are also provided to assure strong communication to machine tool controllers.

This partnership between SoftInWay and OPEN MIND brings product, services, sales and technical teams together for a complete software solution. Customers can work with each company to obtain tools, training and services from these industry experts. Both companies are well represented with direct employees and authorized resellers in America, Europe and Asia and look forward to collaborating together to contribute towards the advancement of the turbomachinery industry.

About SoftInWay Inc. SoftInWay Inc. is a best-in-class engineering company specializing in developing efficient turbomachinery and power plants by offering their industry leading turbomachinery development platform, AxSTREAM ® for design, redesign, and turbomachinery components, as well as engineering services and educational courses. Additionally, SoftInWay also offers AxCYCLE for the design, analysis, and optimization of thermodynamic cycles and AxSTREAM NET for secondary flows and cooling systems. You can find more information at SoftInWay Inc. 1500 District Avenue Burlington MA 01803 USA Phone: 1-781-685-4942 Fax: 1-781-685-4601 E-mail:

About OPEN MIND Technologies AG OPEN MIND is one of the world’s most sought-after developers of powerful CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming. OPEN MIND develops optimized CAM solutions that include a high number of innovative features not available elsewhere to deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. Strategies such as 2.5D, 3D as well as 5axis milling/mill turning, and machining operations like HSC and HPC are efficiently built into the hyperMILL® CAM system. hyperMILL® provides the maximum possible benefits to customers thanks to its full compatibility with all current CAD solutions and extensive programming automation. OPEN MIND strives to be the best and most innovative CAM/CAD manufacturer in the world, helping it become one of the top five in the CAM/CAD industry according to the NC Market Analysis Report 2016 compiled by CIMdata. The CAM/CAD solutions of OPEN MIND fulfil the highest demands in the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, production machining, medical, job shops, energy and aerospace industries. OPEN MIND is represented in all key markets in Asia, Europe and America, and is a Mensch und Maschine company.

You can find more information at

OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc. 1492 Highland Avenue, Unit 3 Needham MA 02492 USA Phone: +1 339 225 4557 office Phone: +1 888 516 1232 x0 toll-free Fax: +1 270 912 5822 E-mail:

OPEN MIND Technologies UK Ltd., Oxford Units 1 and 2 Bicester Business Park Telford Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 4LN England Phone: +44 1869 290 003 Fax: +44 1869 369 429 E-mail:

Head office: OPEN MIND Technologies AG, Argelsrieder Feld 5, 82234 Wessling, Germany Tel.: (+49-8153) 933-500, Fax: (+49-8153) 933-501 E-mail:, website:

► Development of New Vertical Line Shaft Pumps
  15 Feb, 2017 

International technology Group ANDRITZ is a global leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations. The Pumps Division of the ANDRITZ GROUP develops and manufactures customized large pumps and standard centrifugal pumps for a wide range of different applications and industries.

The challenge

Pump assembly model of a vertical line shaft pump with adjustable impeller blades.

TURBOdesign1 was introduced at ANDRITZ for hydraulic development of a new vertical line shaft pump (Fig. 1). Due to changing requirements, the pump operating range had to be shifted to higher flow rates and higher heads. Thus, there was a need to develop new runner blades and new guide vanes. The hydraulic designs were verified by CFD, including all flow-relevant components.

The TURBOdesign Result

Model test result: Head and efficiency, comparison with reference design

Compared with the old reference pump, the new design is characterized by a smaller size and by significantly higher blade loading, hence providing greater head and flow rate (s. Fig. 2). Furthermore, the efficiency at the design point (OP1) could be improved.

Read the case study in full:

“Our experience is that TURBOdesign1 provides good solutions in a very short period of time, especially when starting from scratch”

Arno Gehrer, Director of Research & Development, Pumps Division, Andritz- AG/Graz

Want to learn more about TURBOdesign1? Playback our webinar and see how the new features and enhancements in TURBOdesign Suite 6.2 enable turbocharger engineers to produce breakthrough high-efficiency designs faster than ever before:

► CFDEM® Training , Sep 2017, Austria
  16 Feb, 2017 

Austria, September 11, 2017

Intense hands-on-trainings - if you want to learn how to fully harness the power of open source DEM and CFD-DEM simulations, visit our short courses and get crucial knowlegde directly from our developers!

LIGGGHTS® Open Source DEM Engine CFDEM®coupling CFD-DEM Engine CFDEM®Workbench for LIGGGHTS®

► New CAESES Release 4.2 with Slider Controls and Kernel Review
  16 Feb, 2017 

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS has released version 4.2 of their geometry modeling and optimization software CAESES.

The new version comes with handy slider controls for design variables and the CAD geometry. The CAD kernel has also been fully reviewed to be even more robust during very difficult geometry operations, especially in automated design processes. There is also a first beta version of a CAESES add-in for the ANSYS workbench.

For more details about the new release and CAESES, please visit the CAESES website.


CAESES is a software platform that focuses on the optimal design of complex 3D surfaces. It allows users to create variable and simulation-ready geometry that is robust during variation - suited for automated design explorations in CFD departments.

► TransAT 5.3 Software Release
  14 Feb, 2017 

ASCOMP is pleased to announce the release of TransAT 5.3.

This version contains many new models and features including:

• Simulation runtime information • Simplified initial conditions • Compressible multiphase flow model

We are delighted to offer a free-demo version for immediate download available on our new webpage:

To get further acquainted with the latest features of TransAT 5.3, please register for our Training Course on 23-24 February in Zurich. Further details can be found on the website:

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► Subsea hydraulic control - Engineer Live
  17 Feb, 2017

Engineer Live

Subsea hydraulic control
Engineer Live
Utilising computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multi-physics simulation and extensive testing, Oilgear has created a regulator that will not oscillate, provides excellent accuracy and has a broad range of adjustability. It's available as manually ...

► Kettering University researchers partner with company in Michigan to improve fuel efficiency - Kettering University News
  16 Feb, 2017

Kettering University News

Kettering University researchers partner with company in Michigan to improve fuel efficiency
Kettering University News
Ramadan and the students use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to analyze and change the shape and design of the expander porting and its rotors. The software allows them to do flow simulations and calculate the efficiency of different ...

► Boom! You're in Paris -
  13 Feb, 2017

Boom! You're in Paris
Dreamt of having a lunch meeting in Paris and getting back to New York City in time to tuck the kids into bed? That's what Joshua Krall of Boom Technology says his supersonic commercial jet will be able to do for you. Krall is revealing this dream at ...

► Top Chinese Supercomputer Blazes Real-World Application Trail - The Next Platform
  13 Feb, 2017

Top Chinese Supercomputer Blazes Real-World Application Trail
The Next Platform
The size and performance capabilities of the supercomputer, which is installed at the National Supercomputing Center in China, makes it an attractive choice when running computationally intensive workloads like computational fluid dynamics (CFD), used ...

► How can Computational Fluid Dynamics improve a surfboard? - SurferToday
    7 Feb, 2017


How can Computational Fluid Dynamics improve a surfboard?
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to have a better and deeper understanding of what's going on on the surfboard. With CFD, you get a comprehensive picture of the flow field, including variables like pressure, velocity, and turbulence. Rossi ...

► Modelling to Prevent Extreme Weather Disasters - The Maritime Executive
    6 Feb, 2017

The Maritime Executive

Modelling to Prevent Extreme Weather Disasters
The Maritime Executive
Abdussamie used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate the interaction of a tension leg platform — a type of offshore platform — in cyclonic wave conditions. His findings were validated with a scale model of the offshore platform, which was ...

and more »

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► Ease Your Muscle Strain When Hammering
  17 Feb, 2017
A shock-absorbing hammer may reduce arm muscle strain and consequently reduce the risk of tennis elbow for users.
► Replacing Phenol in Wood Products
  17 Feb, 2017
Reactive lignin produced from pulp industry side streams can replace phenol compounds in wood adhesives and become a new, high-value product for pulp mills.
► Living Chemical Detectors: Gloves Glow and Sensors Shine
  17 Feb, 2017
Hydrogel sheets infused with live cells genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals may provide new material technology for industrial, medical, and environmental sensors.
► Drone Expected to Help Marines Assess Risk
  17 Feb, 2017
The rotary wing-equipped drone can maneuver through tightly-confined spaces and reduces the need for forward observation.
► Green Tea Softens Supercapacitor
  17 Feb, 2017
Researchers used the extract to infuse polymer gels with polyphenols, which converted a silver nitrate solution into a uniform coating of silver nanoparticles.
► Prosthetics Produced by 3-D Printing
  17 Feb, 2017
The digital design and manufacturing process may improve the devices' precision, fit, and function, and improve consistency from one provider to the next.

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► CFD for Structural Designers & Analysts
  15 Feb, 2017
NAFEMS will hold CFD for Structural Designers & Analysts, a three-session online training course beginning February 22nd. Structural engineers often need to resort to more sophisticated thermal fluid simulations to obtain boundary conditions, loading, performance, etc. for their designs and analyses. Additionally, many engineering problems include strong interaction between structure
► French OpenFOAM Users Meeting
  13 Feb, 2017
FOAM-U, the french OpenFOAM users association, is pleased to announce the second edition of its OpenFOAM users meeting to be held in Nevers on 21st and 22nd of March. This event aims to bring together users of OpenFOAM® in France but also people simply interested in the potential applications of
► What's New in FloEFD V.16
  13 Feb, 2017
Mentor Graphics will host FloEFD v.16 - What’s New on 23rd February 2017, 11am UK Time & 10am PST. With the latest version of FloEFD software, users can now simulate the sorption (when one substance permeates another) and desorption (changing from an adsorbed state to a gaseous or liquid state)
► Automated Solution of the Inverse Problem in Electronics Cooling
    8 Feb, 2017
Siemens PLM will host Automated Solution of the Inverse Problem in Electronics Cooling on February 14th. The majority of engineering simulations involve a known geometry, prescribed conditions and computation of the predicted results. However, the design question is often posed as the inverse: I have a desired result and need
► Seminar on FINE™/Marine with Guest Speakers
    8 Feb, 2017
Numeca and it's UK partner AC&E Ltd invite you to a seminar on FINE™/Marine. Get a chance to listen to Matteo Magherini from BMT Nigel Gee and Jason Ker from Ker Yacht Design on how they take advantage of FINE™/Marine in their design process.
► CFD Simulation Contributes to New Heart Health Metric
    3 Feb, 2017
The heart is a wonder of design – a pump that can function for 80 years, and billions of heartbeats, without breaking down. But when it does malfunction, the results can be dire. In research reported in the International Journal of Cardiology this month, scientists from Johns Hopkins University and


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