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CFdesign 2010 Provides CAD-Driven Multi-Scenario Design Study Environment

Posted By: Rebecca Porter
Date:Fri, 4 Sep 2009, 4:24 a.m.

Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc., the leader in upfront CFD software, today announced the availability of CFdesign 2010, the first CFD application to provide a comprehensive, CAD-driven design study environment that enables engineers to achieve pass-fail and what-if engineering scenarios as part of a highly efficient workflow. This major upgrade addresses the needs of design engineers by providing a CFD environment that enables intuitive, fast, and simple setup and exploration of all what-if design scenarios helping to uncover critical CFD data on the first try. First time, occasional, and advanced users are able to make decisions that satisfy pass-fail targets, while exploring ideas that can improve quality and drive innovation.

“It is increasingly important that companies make simulation an essential part of the product development process. Design engineers need to be able to achieve confidence in the performance of their product designs before committing to a physical prototype, and CFdesign 2010 is a great step in that direction,” said Keith Meintjes, Research Director – CAE, CPDA: Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC. “CFdesign 2010 empowers non-expert CFD end users in the CAD environment with a tool that allows easy evaluation of fluid flow performance with new single and multi-scenario design study capabilities. The new design study environment enables engineers to quickly compare different designs and make assessments of product performance upfront in the design process, resulting in overall improved product quality and innovation.”

CFdesign 2010 streamlines and strengthens the decision-making process. It provides a flexible environment to create and manage flow and thermal design studies containing single or multiple scenarios, and the new process for assessing performance comparatively against competing designs as well as specified critical values is intuitive and instantaneous. Additionally, design feedback is expressed in standard engineering terms, so engineers can locate critical pieces of information on the first try without having to be a CFD expert or dig through mountains of CFD outputs. The straightforward flexible workflow brings the opportunity for design teams to satisfy multiple design criteria and drive innovation to the forefront.

“Traditional and embedded CFD products historically have not supported engineering design studies, as they have been built for a single analysis as the engineering objective, making multi-scenario design studies too time intensive, impractical, and at times impossible. As result, very few companies are getting the business impact they need from a CFD investment,” said Derrek Cooper, product manager, Blue Ridge Numerics. “CFdesign 2010 does what every CFD product has promised, but until now failed to do. It enables design engineers to quickly create and compare different scenarios and make important product design decisions to satisfy pass-fail, quality, and innovation objectives early in the development process.”

CFdesign 2010 Key Features Setup of design studies and details on the new decision center feature are included below, along with information on the new CFdesign Answer System and Core i7 support.

Design Study Setup (Click here to watch a 3 minute video on how to quickly setup multiple design studies.) • Flexible Design Study Environment – CFdesign 2010 readily supports one or multiple project-specific objectives: design qualification (pass-fail), quality and innovation (what-if). • Design Study Manager – Innovative add-in allows multiple designs and scenarios to be created and managed within the MCAD environment. • Design Study Bar – The design study command center. An easy to use digital prototyping control panel that lets users create, add, change, and manage multi-scenario design studies. • Scenario Cloning – Create new simulation scenarios with a simple right-click and a fast and intuitive workflow. Each cloned scenario is an easily editable lightweight twin of the original, dramatically reducing the load on computer memory and graphics. • Direct Modeling of External Flow Volumes – Grab a handle, push, pull… that’s all that’s needed to create an external flow volume around the CAD model. • Direct Modeling of Mesh Refinement Regions – Grab a handle, push, pull… that’s all that’s needed to encapsulate a region for CFdesign to refine the mesh.

Decision Center (Click here to watch a short video on how CFdesign 2010 can help you make design decisions faster and easier.) • Flexible Decision-Making Environment – CFdesign 2010 assimilates simulation results from multiple scenarios into a unified, interactive product performance picture. • Critical Value Engineering – Select or define the project-specific critical performance values and CFdesign will deliver the complete performance picture, comparing against the targeted performance objective and against competing designs. o Critical Value Summaries – Identify any 3D point, collection of points, a plane or a part location within or on the model and CFdesign will display a critical value summary for all designs and scenarios in the design study. This function provides the insight that is impractical to obtain from physical testing and simply unavailable from any other CFD application. o Critical Value Graphing – Generate x/y plots and graphs using Critical Value and Summary Items. Get the complete performance picture in the language everyone understands. This is great for pass-fail studies and the preliminary down-select process for a what-if study. • Design Review Center – The ultimate design exploration experience built to simplify and sharpen the decision-making process. Select a group of designs or scenarios and add them into a filmstrip viewer. Drag and drop into the Design Review Center for a deep dive into the variables driving design performance. This is the place where engineers innovate.

CFdesign Answer System (Click here to watch a video on the robust new features of the CFdesign Answer System.) The new multi-point CFdesign Answer System consists of several components located in the Customer Portal that each deliver answers to your questions in a different way, to ensure both new and experienced users receive the information they need, when they need it, and in the format they prefer. In addition to the Portal, help is also accessible within the CFdesign interface. The new Answer System includes: • A new online help system • Knowledge Base • CFD-tv • User Forums High Performance Computing - Intel Core i7 Processor Support CFdesign 2010 continues to evolve the company’s support for HPC. With the release of 2010, CFdesign supports the new Core i7 processor from Intel, delivering great simulation speed-up so more scenarios can be included in design studies. • Approx. 2.5X faster than a workstation w/ Intel® Core™2 Quad processor • CFdesign 2010 automatically utilizes up to 4 cores o Additional cores can be utilized with the CFdesign HPC Module o Supports 32- and 64-bit Windows XP and Vista workstations

Download CFdesign 2010 Today CFdesign 2010 is available as an integrated, associative solution for Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, CoCreate, NX, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and SpaceClaim, and operates on Windows XP 32, XP 64, Vista 32, and Vista 64.

Current customers can download CFdesign 2010 directly from the Customer Portal. For further information on purchasing CFdesign 2010 contact a local sales office or visit the Company’s website:

About Blue Ridge Numerics Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc. is the fastest-growing CFD software company in the world and consistently ranked among the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. The company's CFdesign upfront CFD software integrates comprehensive fluid-flow and heat-transfer simulation into early phases of design and engineering, when companies can dramatically improve product quality, time-to-market, and ultimately profitability through the product life cycle. Learn more at

CFdesign Website

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