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Akash C January 11, 2013 12:25

ANSA vs Hypemesh
I am an undergraduate currently working on my final year project. I am analyzing a radial blower and using Hypermesh to generate the surface mesh (2D). I also have ANSA at my disposal. The problem being our university doesn't have it and I'll have to access it at the company that has given us the project, so finding the necessary time would be a struggle. But if it has better capability than Hypermesh I'd be more than glad to use it.

So my question is: How are the surface cleanup and 2D meshing features of ANSA as compared to Hypermesh?

Pauli January 11, 2013 15:20

Given access to ANSA, I would never use Hypermesh. I'm not saying you can't use Hypermesh to get a good surface mesh. Just that the task will likely go quicker and easier with ANSA. Of course that assumes equal understanding of the two codes operation.

ltsiorak January 26, 2013 03:09


Which version of Hypermesh are you using? basically the latest version provides several new tools for 2D mesh. More presice the surface based mesh algorithm provides much better quility on meshing.

In the latest build on Hm there are tools for Periodics faces that are totally innovative.

Another point is the cleanup tools are much more efficiend and accurate.

If you have access on Hypermesh you can contact me directly to provide you a webex of the correct usage of these tools and you will see much better efficiency.

Btw the HM gui is the most friendly in the market right now.

Regards ;)

Akash C January 26, 2013 07:32

Hi Lazaros,
I am using Hypermesh 11 which is the latest I guess. I do agree that the cleanup tools are good but can't really compare it to others or previous versions of hypermesh. I did try HM 10 and HM11 is better by leaps and bounds with a CFD preference under engg solutions. Surface and volume meshing options also are great though I haven't tried using the volume mesh in HM. I have used Tgrid for volume meshing.
I am struggling with meshing for 2D analysis and its transfer to Fluent, just need some more software time to figure it out i guess.I think the help materials that you have written about in your post could be of great use to me. Can you please send me those?

ltsiorak January 26, 2013 12:39

Hi Akash,

Please email me to arrance a webex for a demo to saw you some more advance features.


Akash C January 27, 2013 00:22

Hey Lazaros,
Can't find your e-mail id. Can you write it out here or send a message containing your email-id in this forum itself.

Akash C January 28, 2013 11:53

Hi Lazaros,
I've sent you an email as you said. Eagerly waiting for those webex you've written about.

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