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sivakumar August 20, 2013 10:49

how to start with ansa
Hi There,
I am trying to use ANSA for my fan geometry, so far I am using Gambit. I want to do hex mesh.

I have exported the geometry from gambit as .iges file.
I am able to read it in ANSA, however I am struck with changing the tolerance itself (I followed the steps in the tutorials with no success) and also I dont know where to start for hex mesh.

Can you please give me some tutorials?


vangelis August 23, 2013 04:48

Hi there,

Which ANSA version are you using?

An IGES file contain info about units.
Your file may for example be defined in metres.

In ANSA it is recommended to set the units to mm

You can do this from SETTINGS>UNITS

The tolerances can be changes from SETTINGS>Tolerances

What problems do you encounter?

Is the geometry dirty? Not all CONS are yellow?
This may be an issue of tolerances

Or do you see your model in a very coarse representation?
This may be an issue of units and assigned resolution

sivakumar August 23, 2013 09:02

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Vangelis,
Thanks for your reply, the lines are in yellow and 2 of them are in sky blue. I have attached the fig please have a look.

I am not able to see the smooth curves.

The settings are default, units are in mm.
I tried to refine the curves but no success.


vangelis August 23, 2013 09:55

Hi Sivakumar

The two white horizontal lines you see at the bottom left of your display
are the tolerance distances.
This means that your model is veeeery small.
Use the MEASURE function to see this.

You should scale up the model by 1000.
Use the function TRANSF>MOVE>SCALE

Then in Mesh set a PERIMETERS>LENGTH which is small enough
to resolve the geometry.

Then if you can send a new image to better see the model


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