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wjy-c August 30, 2013 04:08

layer mesh
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hi, there!
i would like to have a layer mesh on the model surface and i used the ANSA 14.0.
according to command "Mesh-Volume-layer", at first i meshed a flat plane, and the layer mesh seems right. but when i try to mesh a gear model, the layer distribution is terrible.

the gear model i want to mesh is like this.
Attachment 24940

when using "layer", i took all the default parameter.
when the mesh is over, the volume turns out to be like this.
Attachment 24947Attachment 24948

in the corner position, the mesh did not continue. moreover, the automesh seems hard to decide which direction the layer should be generate, which result the terrible mess.
i'm new to ANSA, after i read the ANSA help document, i still cannot figure out which parameter in layer should i change to get a better mesh. i cannot find any tutorials about this problem. so please tell me the correct process to get a better mesh, or maybe tell me where can i find some useful information. Thank you very much!

vangelis September 2, 2013 06:09


ANSA generates layers in the gray (postive) side of the surface mesh.

So in ENT and SHADOW mode your model must look gray on the outside
and yellow on the inside.

It seems your surface mesh has NON uniform orientation.

Use MACROs>ORIENT to assign uniform positive gray orientation to your
surface mesh and then generate the layers

hope this helps


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