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CellZone July 7, 2017 05:17

Using Ansa for Mesh generation

I am wondering if I use Ansa:

a) in case of CFD Simulation: I generate a kind of surface mesh which I export for example CCM+ where my volume mesh is created, which represents my computing area. In this case, my surface mesh in Ansa only have to fullfill the demand, to correctly present the geometry, for example where there are small gaps and radius.

b) in case of Mechanical Simulation (Crash Simulation): I generate a surface mesh which is directly my computing area. So here, my surface mesh with all the cells is really important in order to represent the geometry AND for calculations (convergence, time, accuracy)?

All in all: can I use the surface mesh which I generated in ANSA for a mechanical Simulation ALSO for CFD Simulation? So that I just take for example the crash simulation mesh of Ansa and put it in CCM+.

Or: Can I only use the waterproofed, cleaned geometry of both cases which I created in Ansa? I am trying to save me some work :-)

I hope you understand my question :-)

Thank you!

CellZone July 7, 2017 05:30

Ok I think I made a mistake: so when I mesh with Ansa for analysing for example the crash behaviour of a car, then the car's parts have to be meshed with volume mesh as well. So actually I can only take the Advantage of a clean geometry for the Crash Simulation, is that right?

Or is it possible to only take the surface of the car's volume mesh to put it in CCM++ ?

Sorry I'm a bit confused :-)

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